WWE Rumors: BabyFace of Major Heel turning into Crap

WWE Rumor Mill: Major heel set to turn babyface

What’s the story?

With several turns having lately taken place in WWE, This week’s SmackDown taping’s aftermath seemed to be testing the waters for one of those Brand’s greatest men to make a babyface turn that was surprising.

In case you didn’t know…

In the past month WWE has witnessed some major changes. Most notably, Dean Ambrose turned heel on Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan turned heel by cheating to win the WWE Championship from AJ Styles, Becky Lynch was misjudgingly turned heel before immediately being permitted to be a badass babyface, Nia Jax joined up with Tamina to join the Dark Side, and now Charlotte Flair has kind of turned heel.

With All These bad men and bad gals, that opens up a Space on the side. The Miz is a former WWE Champion; as he defeated John Cena to retain the gold, one who headlined a WrestleMania. As fans gained an appreciation babyface near the end of 2012 would turn.

Unfortunately, The Miz as a babyface just simply did not work. Ric Flair gave him the Figure Four – that proved pointless – and fans were aware that he worked far, far better as a nefarious bad guy even though babyface run saw a few name runs.

In the past year or more, The Miz has managed to Position himself as a leading star an A-list talent, and one of the most despised men in the business. Where it is becoming tough to get booed, The Miz has managed to do that on a weekly basis. However, that may be about to change.

The heart of the matter

As this week’s SmackDown Live taping saw a dark match Take place after the TV portion was done and dusted. And it is there that we saw the waters.

For those not in attendance for the SmackDown taping, this First came to light on the post-SmackDown show of the PWTorch.

The Torch output itself is must-listen, and this Out time we heard Wade Keller speaking. This correspondent went on to describe how Daniel Bryan going up against his nemesis, The Miz was seen by the game.

What was interesting about this is that The Miz took on The babyface role, engaging with the audience, hitting on babyface spots, and then being given the task of sending the fans home happy.

By that, we don’t mean that The Miz got the fist-pumping Win, but more that he was literally given the job of taking the microphone and wishing the watching audience a safe trip home. To put that into perspective, that has been a job that has ever been reserved for the babyface such as John Cena and, ironically, Daniel Bryan.

What’s next?

Now, Daniel Bryan is set to defend his WWE Championship against AJ Styles in the TLC PPV, but after that you have to question what’s up alongside the Bryan.

On the side of things, Bryan’s choices are Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, or maybe Rusev. Rey’s feud with Randy Orton has got going, a feud with Jeff doesn’t look all that interesting, and the WWE has apparently put Rusev on the backburner.

How can you resolve this conundrum? Once Styles and Bryan get finished with their feud Full babyface turn for The MiLizakes perfect sense. Whether that happens We will have to wait and see.

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