Alexa Bliss has been made a RAW authority figure

5 reasons Alexa Bliss has been made a RAW authority figure

Alexa Bliss has been among the girls in WWE, because of her mix of exemplary and looks, ability promotional abilities. And this week on RAW, we heard that she would have a role. It was confirmed that Bliss are the counterpart to Corbin. Corbin’s rationale of’You look great, I look good’, doesn’t hold up, actually.
So why exactly was this role offered to her? I’ll take a look at 5 reasons why she was given this role. Mind you, rumors of the had arisen quite a long time.
What do you guys think of Alexa Bliss in this role? I’d like to hear opinions and your ideas .
Here is my assessment of Bliss has been given this role.

#5 while she recovers, To keep her

Alexa Bliss is now owing to the fact that she is injured. And she commands a gigantic fan following, despite the fact that she’s a heel. Just look at the kind of interaction she gets on her networking posts that she’s been for a while.
It’s not known when Alexa Bliss will return to the ring. Let’s hope that she is in a position to return to action soon enough. But in this instance, it is a clear case of WWE wanting to keep her on TV in some capacity while she recovers.
We have seen Paige’s career cut short owing to the injuries that she sustained during her wrestling career. Let’s hope that this isn’t the case with Little Miss Bliss.

#4 To keep her from the title picture, when she recovers

Alexa Bliss has been one of the most prolific characters in the division of the women. She won the Elimination Chamber match as well as the Money in the Bank ladder match, this season. She went to WrestleMania 34. And there’s no place for her in the current Championship picture.
The RAW Women’s Division has a different texture with the Championship being captured by Ronda Rousey. Rousey vs. Bliss has already transpired and Rousey absolutely obliterated Bliss on this event. Fans will not want to see a repeat of what was essentially only a match.
It enables her to be on TV but removes her, by having Bliss as an authority figure. This point is for if she eventually returns to action applicable.

#3 To make storylines from the division of the women

Bayley and sasha Banks are a Tag Team on RAW. Except that there aren’t any Tag Team titles to fight for, at this time. Should any fans care about anything they do? The women need some real stakes to compete for.
And these bets can be in the kind of fighting with the system, led by a heel authority figure. Alexa Bliss is the embodiment of evil in the RAW Women’s Division right now. She orchestrated an assault on Bayley and Sasha Banks.
Not only does this help Bayley and Banks but also gives the other heel women on RAW something to do. Such a secondary storyline can get everyone over.
This will ensure that there is the segment of more than one women that fans can sink their teeth into, with Alexa Bliss possibly pulling the strings.

#2 Corbin interfering in the women’s division does not really make sense

Corbin has a big issue of his own and his name is Braun Strowman. To have him partake in numerous storylines does not make sense. It makes all the sense in the world to appoint someone as he is, to do so.
I think the spark of a love was teased between the two characters. I wonder if WWE will perform up with this in the weeks that lead and follow into a storyline where Corbin and Bliss are romantically engaged. This would certainly lead to some exciting play on RAW.
There’s also the storyline continuity reason of Corbin rewarding Bliss for directing the girls of RAW to success. He believes in kayfabe, and has entrusted RAW to her.

#1 Because Alexa Bliss is fantastic on the microphone

Let’s face it, guys. She is not exactly Daniel Bryan when the bell rings even though I’m a big Alexa Bliss fan. She delivers to what is expected of her each time, in the squared circle and plays her role efficiently. But no, she a ring general.
However, is when it comes to cutting a promo in front of the WWE Universe, where she excels. Alexa Bliss absolutely revels in this function and can lead the audience one way and swerve them the very next second. She and the audience is able to play .
And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Here are five reasons why, on RAW, Alexa Bliss has been appointed in my opinion.
Let me know your thoughts below, dearest readers!

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