A chronicle of Big Show’s face/heel turns in WWE and WCW

T’s an old joke that three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and at least one Big Show turn per year. So because I’m an insomniac with absolutely no social life, I decided it would be fun to list every single of Big Show’s 34 face/heel turns from his debut in WCW to last night (Nov. 28) on SmackDown.


Here they are, because I’ve nothing better to do with my time…

  • Debuts in WCW as a heel in the Dungeon of Doom, remember them?
  • He had been a face against a heel Hogan in their World title game.
  • Giant turns heel and joins the nWo weeks after losing the World title to Hogan. August of ’96.
  • Four months later Giant is kicked out of the nWo. Face turn.
  • Giant joins nWo Hollywood, thus turning heel in ’98.
  • January ’99. Doom’s week. Giant is kicked out of the nWo again
  • February’99, Paul Wight jumps ship and debuts as a heel by interfering in Austin/McMahon cage match.
  • A bit more than a month later he turns face by knocking out Vince McMahon.
  • Four months later he turns heel by tagging up with Undertaker.
  • Two months & a few weeks later Big Show turns face when Albert and Big Boss Man do the FATHER IS DEAD storyline.
  • Three weeks later, Big Show turns heel when Rock refuses Big Show’s help against the New Age Outlaws, which pisses off Show and causes him to attack Rock.
  • Another 3 months later, he turns face when he starts impersonating wrestlers.
  • Big Show turns heel by chokeslamming Shane McMahon after Shane was recruiting men to join WCW.
  • Three months later, Big Show turns face when he aligns himself with Billy Gunn to form the Show Gunns tag group.
  • Big show turns on Steve Austin to join the nWo. April 2002.
  • Big Show returns from injury as a face in 2004.
  • Show and Kane attack Batista throughout the Raw vs SmackDown feud, injuring him.
  • Show starts feuding with Triple H in early 2006, presumably moving back to babyface.
  • Big Show is drafted to the new ECW and turns heel at One Night Stand 2006.
  • 20 Large Show yields at No Way Out 2008 as a face.
  • Immediately after that, he attacks Rey Mysterio and turns heel.
  • Shortly after that, he becomes a face for the Floyd Mayweather feud.
  • Five months later (Unforgiven 2008) he turns heel by saving Vickie Guerrero from Undertaker.
  • Big Show beats Jericho (captain of Team SmackDown) to earn a spot on Team Raw. Face turn. 2009.
  • Weeks later, Team Smackdown beat Team Raw at Bragging Rights due to Big Show turning Team Raw.
  • April 2010: Big Show punches out Miz and turns face.
  • May 21, 2012: Big Show yields as a heel because of getting John Laurinaitis'”Ironclad Contract” after Laurinaitis had previously fired him and knocks out John Cena
  • March 9, 2013: (face turns) Big Show helped Randy Orton and Sheamus against the Shield.
  • In WrestleMania 29, Big Show, Sheamus, and Randy Orton lost to the Shield when Orton was immobilized after stealing a hot tag from Big Show. After the match, a Big Show knocked out Orton and Sheamus.
  • August 12, 2013 (face turn) Big Show returns from a time off to help Mark Henry and RVD fend off a Shield attack.
  • Display turns heel once more at Survivor Series 2014 by knocking out John Cena.
  • Turned face on January 28, 2015 by assisting Jericho, Reigns, and Ambrose fend off the Wyatt Family
  • Turned Heel on Smackdown 1000 by assisting The Bar conquer The New Day
  • And eventually 34) Turned face by KO punching Cesaro after Cesaro berated him for not helping enough

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