Alexa Bliss resumes training on the ring

Alexa Bliss resumes training on the ring

Away from the WWE ring since last October following a concussion, Alexa Bliss was still in the process of rehabilitation. At the beginning of November she started a new training where her goal was to focus on her health and today she goes back to the ring!

Alexa Bliss indicates on Twitter that this is the first day she goes back to the ring to train since her concussion. All this took place at the WWE Performance Center in Florida under the observation of a WWE Impact Test Specialist to find out if Bliss is ready or not to continue her training.

At the moment nobody knows the result of this first test, but certainly that Alexa Bliss is moving in the right direction. In the meantime, you can still see her on Mondays at RAW in her new role as head of the women’s division.

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