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So the anxieties expressed in one of my earlier articles were appropriate. Reports have emerged that there is no date set for the return of Becky Lynch. According to the reports, it’s a concussion, for it to get healed, and there’s usually not a definite date, so one simply can’t put a date.


This comes at a time when Becky Lynch was going to get involved in one of the biggest matches of her career against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series, and this comes at a time once the Man was going through one of the greatest forces in WWE history.

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She’d gained so much momentum that she’d become WWE’s top dog, usurping some names. But in between all of that, she has been put by a punch by Nia Jax out of action for an indefinite time. Among the biggest pushes in WWE has been killed (or put on hold) by an errant punch from Nia Jax.


Set a precedent since what’s occurred has not benefited and it becomes very important for WWE to wake up now anyone, and this isn’t the first time a concussion has put out of action a wrestler.


Just a couple of weeks ago, Alexa Bliss fell victim to a concussion, and is indefinitely out of action. Before that, there have been many cases of similar things happening to wrestlers due to the errant and erratic behavior of wrestlers.


Alexa Bliss is currently out, and there is no date set for when Becky comes back. It is high time WWE puts the health of their wrestlers at the forefront, and set a precedence to try and minimise the danger of anything happening.

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