Becky Lynch fixes a problem in the program WWE’s Composed for her & Charlotte Flair

We may never know if Charlotte Flair was fighting Becky Lynch in Survivor Series or not. WWE Creative and she have definitely given us mixed messages on that.


But if you’ve been jaded by the hug Becky Lynch gave Flair when she selected her friend-turned-rival to take her place at the Nov. 18 pay-per-view (PPV) after studying the harm from Nia Jax’s punch meant she wouldn’t be medically cleared to confront Ronda Rousey? If the resumption of the SmackDown Women’s champ and hostilities between Charlotte made you wonder where that heartfelt embrace fits into continuity?



I buy it. Pretty sure I read that symptoms include showing affection you don’t have any affection for. I’m sure that was confirmed by Bex . She’s the best.

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