Becky Lynch is Future of WWE disappointing Series WWE Rumors Continued

WWE Rumor Mill: Disappointing update on the immediate future of Becky Lynch


What is the story?

Her subsequent rise and becky Lynch’s breaking bad moment has been the best thing to have happened in WWE in recent months. ‘The Man’ is far more entertaining than the men of the roster and it is a shame that the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion has been forced to take a break in the middle of a hot streak.

We expected to find a update on her return but disappointment is that we got. On the latest edition of the Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that the WWE has no programs or return date set for the return of Lynch.

In case you did not know…

The Irish Lasskicker lead staff SmackDown in one. During the brawl, Nia Jax landed an punch that handed her an undesirable concussion in the process and shattered the nose of Lynch.

Because she retreated in the crowd, with photos of Lynch profusely bleeding, the invasion section ended. Lynch was eventually replaced by Charlotte in the Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series and the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion took off some time to initiate her recovery procedure. An update was posted by her on her continuing road to recovery and it seems she could make her return sooner rather than later. However…

The heart of the matter

WWE has become extra cautious when it comes to concussions and it’s evident by their circumspective stance towards the returns of Alexa Bliss and Lynch. Dave Meltzer stated that both superstars are in a similar situation as they are waiting to give them a clearance.

“Yeah, [Lynch’s] off of everything, no return date. Well, it’s a concussion. Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss are still waiting, “Meltzer said.

From the looks of this, the wait could be longer than expected.

What’s next?

Lynch was on a roll before she got injured. As she’s making the appropriate noises on Twitter, the most recent being her with Conor 27, she is on a roll. We wish’The Man’ a speedy recovery and hope WWE receives the champ back as soon as she is direly needed by SmackDown.

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