Braun Strowman News: Strowman Replaced in Mixed Match

WWE News: Braun Strowman’s replacement in the Mixed Match Challenge revealed

What is the story?

The Mixed Match Challenge has garnered a decent and has been surprisingly good. One of the main stars of the show is as the group of Braun Strowman and Ember Moon have won all four of their games Braun Strowman, that has looked incredibly good.
However, following his injury last week’s RAW, Strowman is set to be out for a couple of weeks. WWE announced his replacement on this week’s show.

In case you did not know…

Braun Strowman, who was instrumental in the win of Team RAW was assaulted following the match by Drew McIntyre Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin. On last week’s RAW, Strowman was attacked by the trio and hurt him in the procedure.
Strowman includes and he will miss the TLC PPV of next month.

The heart of the matter

On this week’s RAW, Baron Corbin said that Strowman will be outside for a few weeks himself spoke from the hospital, showing his elbow.
WWE announced that Strowman will be, replaced by Curt Hawkins, known for his losing streak as the partner of Ember Moon in the Mixed Match Challenge. Moon faced off from Alicia Fox this past week, who had The Singh Brothers and Jinder Mahal on her corner.
Mahal is Fox’s partner in the Mixed Match Challenge this week and the duo will face the group of Moon and Hawkins.
Hawkins hasn’t won in over 200 matches on WWE, and this could be his opportunity even though it is in the Mixed Match Challenge


What’s next?

The Mixed Match Challenge game between Fox/Mahal and Moon/Hawkins will take place on Facebook Watch after this week’s SmackDown Live.
WWE hasn’t announced when Braun Strowman will come back to the ring or if he will face Baron Corbin in TLC.

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