Would Charlotte Becky and Ronda get to WrestleMania 35?

Would Charlotte Becky and Ronda get to WrestleMania 35?

If something seems clear about WrestleMania 35 is Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey is going to be involved in something. It might be the star fight in a triple threat. Everything that’s happening with these fighters seems to lead to a great moment in the PPV.


As a novelty, at the New PW Insider Elite, Mike Johnson commented on this:


“The interesting thing will be this. Becky Lynch was a villain full of anger from. Meanwhile, Charlotte has a role, but also different. What is going to happen when the two meet face to face after what Charlotte did on behalf of Becky to Ronda?


” Will they end up allying? Will they be separated? Will they’re on sides when Ronda seems? We have a lot of time between now and WrestleMania. And I believe we have three candidates to star in WrestleMania in the match of the women.


” We’ve Ronda, Becky, and Charlotte at the third position .”


In the episode, the journalist focused for one minute.


“The notion here is that Charlotte is the evilest. But in her head, she is the best person on the planet, although she isn’t going to make fun of anything. They have left the door open so that Ronda can return for her. And Charlotte has stated that if she does something it will be even worse. “


Can we say that Charlotte is up to her companions? Not yet, but it seems to be the intention for the future of the three of WWE. What combat would be better than a threat with the three? It might be the biggest game in the history of the women’s branch.


In terms of the connection between the best friends until a few weeks ago, it appeared that after her last week was better. But no.

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