Cup Of Coffee In The Big Time: A Bad Way To Spend A Monday Night Raw

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WWE Raw is having some trouble nowadays. It was easy to see last night (Nov. 26) when fans were treated to an abysmal few hours of TV programming.


I’ve said before one of the joys of wrestling is knowing it will always be there, week in and week out. That’s still true, and as someone who has spent most of his life watching wrestling, I can not pretend I’m going to be tuning out. But I could say there was very little about last night, to enjoy.


Ronda Rousey and nia Jax take the cake for the worst moment of the evening with dueling cringe promos. Jax voice imitation of Ronda Rousey was bizarre in the middle of a lot of rambling, but Rousey misspoke on the first sentence of her rebuttal and it seemed like she could not get back on track.


When Rousey gets flustered on the mic, her delivery suffers in a manner and at one point she claimed Jax punching Becky Lynch in the face altered the history of the world, that is the official Bad Line of the Night.


In their last three appearances on TV, AOP has:’d boss Drake Maverick piss his pants during a”Big Four” PPV match, lost clean and gotten the win through distraction after more Maverick urine antics.


That’s not exactly a monster heel tag team’s stuff. However, their fate on the roster is better than that of The Revival, who are stuck at the confusion of Lucha House Party Rules are something. If there is anyone who should be begging to be NXT lifers, it is Dash and Dawson.


Any anticipation for who would take Seth Rollins’ open challenge for the Intercontinental Championship was gone when it was Dolph Ziggler. The match was solid but it was a pairing we’ve seen endlessly and I don’t think anybody begged to see it again.


Has Finn Balor gained enough of Bray Wyatt’s respect to utilize him against Drew McIntyre Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley?


Talking why should he be called General Manager Elect when it is an appointed position by anyone?


And poor Bayley and Sasha Banks. Both girls were expected to be forces on the roster with interplay which should result in a program. Instead, Bayley turned for a night (remember that?) , they fought a little, just pop up to be in segments that were awful like the Q&A put on by Alexa Bliss and went to therapy.


Oh, and Dean Ambrose is becoming vaccinated. Now I’m a big fan of vaccinations and a proponent of herd immunity. But this angle may be going a little too far.

We also got our weekly dose of”Renee, what’s going on with Dean?” “How can I possibly know that? He’s a complex man.”


It is the married couple who do not go over the problems in their lives, if anyone needs therapy.


Check out reactions and our recap if you can’t get enough of last night’s Raw. The show was given a double F. by alex

We’ve got the video highlights if you will need the show on your eyeballs again.

Oh, and Geno got in on the action, trashing the episode. So I suppose I’m the guy to Drake Maverick on that wreck.

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