Dolph Ziggler Strikes Drew McIntyre Through Monday Night Raw

Dolph Ziggler attacks Drew McIntyre Through Monday Night Raw

During the Monday Night Raw program, Red Mark manager Baron Corbin invited WWE superstar Drew McIntyre to offer him recognition due to his status in the company. After the section, Dolph Ziggler interrupted McIntyre, and following a conversation proceeded to attack him.

Baron Corbin invited Drew McIntyre to give him a medal in the business Dolph Ziggler intervened to assert McIntyre that it had not been mentioned by him remembering that they were champions in Raw pairs. The latter applied a Zig Zag to him after McIntyre revealed that he was using him.

After the section, Baron Corbin prevented Ziggler from leaving the ring and paused a game between them. In the end, The Show-Off managed to take the victory thanks to the intervention of Finn Bálor who assaulted the Scot, although the match was dominated by Drew McIntyre in large part.

It should be remembered when the latter went to the main roster that Dolph Ziggler formed a group. During their journey in the tag team division, they defeated the Raw tag team maintained a significant rivalry against The Braun and Shield Strowman and Championship. These attacks would indicate the end of the group between them.

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