Fastlane 2019: Predicting the quality of Each match

Fastlane 2019: Predicting the quality of Each match

The majority of the games on the card are uninspiring and not an incentive to see the pay per view. The card raises the question as to why this show is happening in any way.

There are eight games on the card. Which ones if you go out of your way to watch? Which ones should you jump? We are going to rank all eight in terms of how great they will probably be right here.

#1 Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch

The audience will be hot to see Becky Lynch get back to the WrestleMania game (spoiler: she will). The way that it winds up happening will cause possibly the largest intrigue of the evening. Can it be a count out or something far more decisive?

In any event, people are going to be on the edges of their chairs.

#2 Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio

Whenever these two have met in the ring, we’ve seen great things. Their match on January 15th was a bona fide game of the year candidate – the first to be in 2019.

Shunted into the pre-show though this could be, there’s no reason to expect anything less than very good . And there are good reasons to expect something a lot more than that.

How the match is booked will become the key. The feel is that Andrade wants the win a lot more, so hopefully, he can pull it off.

#3 Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens

This game is as filler as it gets and Kevin Owens has often disappointed in the primary event. Nevertheless, Daniel Bryan is one of the best ever for a reason. If anyone can make this badly developed match intriguing after the bell rings, it is going to be him.

The work rate ought to be good. Kevin Owens’ feud with AJ Styles was a major disappointment, but hopefully, that will not be the case in regards to Daniel Bryan, who’s arguably much better at providing the ideal chemistry with his enemies.

#4 The Usos vs. The Miz and Shane McMahon

The Usos in a tag team title match is obviously a recipe for great things. They’ll likely retain. The Miz and Shane McMahon will thus begin their breakup arc that leads to a singles match at WrestleMania.

That will be a significant event to market the match. That’s a good deal more than can be said about most games on this card.

Hopefully, it will deliver a number of the blistering work speed The Usos are known for. We’ll only have to wait and see.

#5 The Revival vs. Aleister Black and Ricochet vs. Chad Gable and Bobby Roode

The existence of Aleister Black and Ricochet will select up this match, but it certainly has not been constructed very well. Chad Gable and Bobby Roode are there for some reason. The Revival feel like the most undeserving winners lately.

So far as pure work speed goes, this game will probably be fine, especially with Black and Ricochet, but we can only expect that the names change hands, given how badly The Revival have already been reserved. Roode and Gable stand as the default options to win because Black and Ricochet are too great for this division.

#6 The Shield vs. Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley

So far as pure action goes, this should be fine, but it certainly is not exciting. Corbin, McIntyre, and Lashley continue to team up for some reason as directionless heels. The latest of many Shield reunions happened just as unexpectedly, Dean Ambrose’s current feud with Seth Rollins be dismissed.

Filler is as filler does.

This does nothing for Seth Rollins, who we must again remember, won the Royal Rumble. He feels hot enough to defeat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, which raises some big red flags.

#7 The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection vs. Nia Jax and Tamina

It is a shame that the first defense of the women’s tag team names comes in this underwhelming match. Let us be thankful for something however, it follows that the game won’t occur at WrestleMania, as lots of individuals originally feared.

Luckily, Sasha Banks and Bayley will be there to carry the unexciting Nia Jax and Tamina. Sasha Banks, in particular, is great at taking lumps and should promote good for both of her opponents to tell a fantastic story in the game.

#8 Asuka vs. Mandy Rose

Whenever Asuka has a game against the most recent blonde flavor of the week which Vince McMahon would like to push for no other reason, the results are often dicey at best. Asuka is a pro and will find a decently worked match from Mandy, but most people are only going to be watching and praying that she keeps.

This is not an exciting game like the one with Becky Lynch was always going to be. Mandy Rose is simply far below that level and would not make for a fantastic champion. This thought will ruin the game for lots of people and stop it from being a fun experience.

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