Fénix ​​Hurt and what remains of 2018 will be Missing

Fénix ​​Hurt and what remains of 2018 will be Missing


Bad news for fans. As reported by PWInsider and Wrestling Central portals, the fighter has been injured in his last game in the World Wrestling Council (CMLL) and will be lost what remains of 2018 due to a groin injury, as it has advised Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio.

Fénix was injured last Friday in the Mexico Arena at a brand new Friday show at CMLL. The flying fighter faced the Caveman Bárbaro in the Legend of tournament’s final, in a 2 falls match, in which he dropped. Phoenix would have been injured during this action.

All that remains of this year will be missed by fénix. This year that is ending has been one of the best for the 27-year-old wrestler. He’s settled in the United States with his brother, Pentagon Jr., and is triumphing in promotions like MLW (where he’s tag team champion) and Impact Wrestling. He has also been fighting for the two Mexican promotions: CMLL and AAA.

Right now, it has not been published when it must be stopped, but the plans they had for him could be postponed or canceled because of his injury. However, it is expected that by the start of January he is going to be prepared to return to action and maybe in the Impact, Homecoming event.

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