James Ellsworth goes on the attack

James Ellsworth goes on the attack

A couple weeks ago, James Ellsworth was at the center of a controversy after he had been accused of sexually harassing a young minor via Snapchat by sending him photos.
Enflaming social networks, the wrestler was locked sending his interlocutors to his attorney. By seeing him become persona non grata A scandal that had seen his career tainted.

Now, Ellsworth decided to go on the attack by posting a message on his Twitter account. He writes:

“Recently, allegations of misconduct have been lodged against me which I categorically deny,” Ellsworth wrote. “I never have, nor will I engage in any activity that could be deemed as inappropriate or disrespectful. In commenting on this scenario, my delay was based on the advice of my legal team, which has just completed a thorough investigation. My lawyers have pinpointed a trustworthy witness who’s prepared to testify on my behalf. In addition, they’ve uncovered evidence that supports my innocence and proves that without a shadow of a doubt the social media accounts alleged to be mine are fake and the messages in the account were created without my knowledge or approval.
“My only hope is to restore my standing as I, together with my family, friends and fans have suffered due to a social networking stunt devised to finish my professional wrestling career. My group and I are prepared to pursue legal action against any party that endures with the promotion of these lies.”


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