WWE NEWS:John Cena, the Captain America that is next?

John Cena, the Captain America that is next?

Chris Evans as Captain America in Marvel’s films’ future is uncertain. The actor had written on networks he wanted to proceed. But then, who could find the role? Why not John Cena!

China already has the physique and the look, not to mention that he’s viewed as a superhero in real life by kids through his accomplishments and his implications in society, with for example Make A Wish. On the set of’The Ellen Show’, Ellen DeGeneres took the chance to talk about this chance to see John Cena in the role of Captain America, he who posted on Instagram the captain’s shield without saying anything else.

Ellen: There’s a rumor you will be the Captain America. Is it thanks to the hair?

John Cena: Well, who started the rumor?

Ellen: Now it’s me.

Cena: It could happen. So … maybe no. If Captain America’s people are listening I take the role, I will! And I’ve ruined everyone’s youth [due to my hair] so it can’t be worse. ”

You may see the excerpt from the interview in the movie at the bottom of the guide as at 4:29. Now, will John Cena have the role for another Captain America? The call is launched! We’ll definitely have the answer when the filming of a Marvel movie that is future starts.

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