Judy Copeland, edge’s mother, passed away

Judy Copeland, edge’s mother, passed away

It was the wrestler who himself declared the news. He shared photographs and a message that was moving relaying this details. It was that Edge was able to turn into a celebrity of only and the WWE for that, we needed to evoke this disappearance which touches the world of wrestling.


Without further ado, here is the article left by Edge:

“Today I lost my mother. Judy Copeland aka The Judemeister. The parent I have ever had. She was my rock. The backbone and bedrock that kept my balance through some very tumultuous decades. She never doubted me. Ever. I want to be a wrestler Ma. “Do it.” She scraped together our pennies and kept me fed and clothed and even managed to get me these Kiss action figures and Wrestlemania tickets. Somehow. Because that’s what she did. She bred me to be the man I eventually became and encouraged me. Took some elbow grease, but I got there. A stage was going to be nice. I found an awesome partner and I am the father to two beautiful little girls. Allow me blossom and I lived my dream and continue to do so since I was watered by her. She did her job. But I wish she could have stuck around to see the fruits of her labor. To the very “

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