The Man explains how you too can be The Guy

If you did not click on this because,”Ugh, again with the Becky Lynch?” – You’re not reading this and are about to miss out on some good advice. I will not go so far as to say better than the platitudes John Cena tweets out, but it’s a bit more actionable. You can begin working on this right now, without meditating on its deeper meaning .


If you did click on this because,”Ugh, again with the Becky Lynch?” – thank you for your patronage! Please continue directly to the comments where you can sort,”Ugh, again with the Becky Lynch?” Who am I kidding, you went there. If you are still reading, hang on for another few seconds and at least get an excellent self-help pointer before you let us all know how you are frustrated with the high levels of Bad lass in your wrestling blog diet.


If you clicked because you can’t get enough Becky Lynch or you want a practical self-confidence boosting suggestion, let’s get to it.


During a meeting with Hollywood Life boosting The Marine 6: Close Quarters (what up, fellow Mariners?!?!?) , The Man was asked how a person could get the self-esteem Required to be The Man:


“That confidence? You know, the thing of it is, it’s always an inside job, right? It does not come overnight. This is something that I’ve been working on for a long time, and why this works so well is because we have seen me not have confidence. We’ve seen me persevere. We have seen every obstacle being thrown my way and finding a way to take care of it.


But, it’s all about believing in yourself, and I say, you know, you’re the only person that lives in your head. Therefore, you can walk around telling yourself how great you are all day, walk around telling yourself how bad you’re all day, like, it seems a lot better to live in a place where you’re saying you’re good, you know? So, I think you just gotta constantly focus on believing in yourself, and believing that you’re enough. Have faith that you’ve got everything it takes to make it. If you put the work in? Needless to say, you do.”


  • Sometimes easier said then done, I know. However, Becky believes in you and, garnishment, I do also.
  • Now go out there and be The Man.

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