Now heel’ll never turn! John Cena wins Muhammad Ali Legacy Award 2018

Today (Nov. 29) Sports Illustrated announced that WWE star John Cena is going to be awarded the 2018 Muhammad Ali Legacy Award in honor of his work as a philanthropist.


“From his unparalleled work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to his support for a wide range of causes ranging from activism for military families to cancer research, John has made private outreach and generosity of spirit and time his calling cards,” said Sports Illustrated Executive Editor Stephen Cannella. “He might just be the most charitable man in sports, and his devotion to philanthropy richly reflects the spirit of the Ali Legacy Award.”


Past winners of this award include Colin Kaepernick, Jack Nicklaus, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jim Brown and Magic Johnson.


On being named the famed SI award’s recipient cena talked.


“I’m truly thrilled to get Sports Illustrated’s Muhammad Ali Legacy Award,” Dean said. “Ali’s devotion to helping others, his dedication to the game and his generous spirit are incomparable and he was a role model to us all. To be connected with him in any way is an honor which means so much to me.”


When we last heard from Cena he was done filming his movie and moved back stateside to market Bumblebee that comes to theaters next month. WWE confirmed that the Cena will be wrestling at the end of December and the first two weeks of January at three TV events and home shows.


With two feature films in his back pocket, it looks like a little is opening up. The 2019 Royal Rumble kicks off the road to WrestleMania 35 on Sun., Jan. 27. Assuming the event is worked by John Cena, how would you reserve the next few months for the former Face That Runs the Place?

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