On Providing a concussion to Becky, failing Ronda a promo that is bad Dismisses

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Ronda Rousey Discuss With Nia Jack


  • The Face Breaker of Raw’s girls division had her opportunity to explain herself and just kind of puttered out.


Nia Jax was tasked with cutting a three to five minute promo on why she’ll be the one to dethrone Ronda Rousey in TLC next month. On paper, Jan has reasons. Then her motives were listed by Jax and they fell flat.


The fact that a huge portion of Jax’s drive is now focused on her botching a movement from the ring has always been questionable. Yeah, Jay brought up giving a concussion to Becky Lynch and it did not really click with the audience.


After Jax tried to find some heat she turned her focus to Rose. The foundation for the debate against Rousey of Jax was that the winner of the Raw women was actually a failure.


Yes, the undefeated Raw women’s winner, with Olympic Judo credentials and a top shelf MMA record was a failure per Max.



Which didn’t work either and Rousey then came out to try to rescue Jax’s promo.



  • House on the mic couldn’t save this section of Raw.


  • This all could result in Rousey challenging Jax into a game right here, right now that the challenger diminished due to factors.


  • Within their feud, can the momentum that is sputtering turn with a few weeks to go in TLC?

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