Is Ronda Rousey Ready To Defend Her Title In TLC Match?

As she will face Nia Jax for the RAW Women’s Championship on December 16, at WWE TLC pay-per-view ronda Rousey will once again put her title at stake.

The question is if the champion is 100% ready and focused to battle Jax and defend her name.

It seems Rousey has her sights set on fighting Charlotte Flair a couple days.

Even though the former UFC champion won by disqualification, she watched Flair make one of her finest performances and dominate her.

Since that time, she is more focused on her rematch with the”Queen” (which will happen, but nobody knows when) than her match with Jax.


WWE Smack Down Live


The former champion, on the other hand, seems to be on a roll lately, not only by becoming the number one competitor to Rose’s title, but by breaking Smack Down Women’s Champion Becky Lynch’s nose and preventing the latter from engaging at Survivor Series.

With Tina in her corner, Jax appears very confident, while the WWE has made her one of those faces of the women’s branch.

It appears the team has chosen to proceed with Flair, Lynch, Rose and Jax and that is why most story lines revolve around them.

What is very likely to happen is for the WWE to have the title is dropped by Rousey to Max, due to an outside interference by Lynch or Flair.

In a way, the story line could lead to a match between the three wrestlers either at the Royal Rumble or Wrestle mania 35.

Rousey has already proved she is a fighting champion, while the creative team has made her look like the”baddest lady on the planet”.

But she appears more determined to confront Charlotte than preparing for her match against Max.

It is not unlikely for Rousey to keep her title, but then there will not be many opponents to challenge her. Such cases could be Bailey, Sasha Banks and Natalia (with a heel turn).


Monday Night Raw 2018


That said, such a situation (Jax to become the winner ) could help the company create new story lines and have Rousey focus entirely on Lynch and Flair.

Overall, House will likely be ready for her match against Nia Jax. But it is her mental preparation that will determine the winner. And she does not seem ready for her title match.

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