Rusev’s Wife LANA has New Look This Week

What Is the story?


We’ve seen Lana don a variety of avatars over time. We saw her as Rusev’s business manager at the beginning, followed by a glamorous dancer persona on SmackDown Live as well as in her Rose Day getup.


  • And now it seems like she’s a completely new look. Lana posted her ravishing persona on Instagram.


In case you did not know…

Lana has been a part of plots and storylines in WWE. She was involved in a storyline with Aiden English, in which the latter alleged that something had occurred’one night’.


It was discovered that nothing had occurred, causing a match between Rose and English. Lana and herself have played with on Total Bellas and Total Divas. She’s also been a part of Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2.


The heart of the matter

Lana is known to change up her look once in a while, so this change does not come as a surprise. However, going forward, at least for the time being, it does look like hair will be sported by Lana:

Smack Down Full Shaow

Lana would add a message about what it means to be’ravishing’, as her nickname indicates. According to her, being’ravishing’ is all about believing in yourself if the rest of the world begins to doubt you, in essence, equalling confidence. As you would expect, her post likes on social networking and got a lot of traction.


What’s next?

It does seem unlikely that there will be a follow up on the Aiden English storyline because it appears to have run its course. Let us hope Rusev and Lana move on to a brand new program very soon indeed. Let us also hope that English finds a role in the company for himself .

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