Sin Cara Expects to return to the ring next month

Sin Cara hopes to return to the ring next month

Last August, we heard that Sin Cara had hurt his left knee. Lately, the wrestler engaged in a video on the Mexican YouTube channel ” PelucheEn ElEstuche“. During this one, he gave news of his injury.

While his last match was on August 5, the prior NXT tag team champion revealed he was training and hoping to return by next month.

“I had a brand new treatment that injected cells into my knee. I had several knee surgeries: two or three in my ligaments at the university, and six years after that knee is a little ransacked. But luckily, thank God, I will still work… I am currently in practice, in physiotherapy, trying to return to work. Around January 2019”

While waiting to return to the ring, Sin Cara shows on Mexican television that wrestling isn’t cinema!




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