That Was Among Raw’s Episodes I’ve Ever Seen Before

There was nothing to enjoy about this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw:


Among the reasons has been stale for what seems like a decade is they constantly return to the well with the authority figure angles, and more frequently than not it is hell attempting to hold back a babyface. There aren’t a great deal and there are not any who are on the WWE roster. This was seen by us all through with Baron Corbin running and producing this one for the women’s branch in Alexa Bliss, another authority figure. You won’t be surprised to learn where she instantly feud with two babyfaces over that power dynamic, that caused a section.


– Whatever happened that factions are hated by Vince McMahon? It feels like we have seen some variant of a trio on damn near every episode of Raw no matter it is reasonable. We have Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and Corbin. They ran one of the babyfaces who gets cheered then did the same because he got injured was forced to shed the championship to Finn Balor, that has been lost. That was incidentally.


– That’s another issue with this particular show. Everything is heat. It is never ending. There are no babyface.


– Oh, wait, a triumph was Seth Rollins issued challenge is opened by an Intercontinental championship and defeated his opponent. The problem? Dolph Ziegler was. If I have already seen it 748 times this season, I don’t care that the two wrestlers are, I can not get into a game.


– we have a section where he cut a promo about Rollins is ill and there is no medication to cure him because he needed a rabies shot, while a doctor was shooting a needle.


– The Lucha House Party are currently working a gimmick where they can do what they want as a trio in tag team matches under their rules, where things like being the man and tagging in and out. They’re currently doing this as babyfaces.


– Nia J hurting an opponent and cut among the promos of time which might have hurt whatever warmth to be terrible in her job, she got. I have never seen a stadium go from booing to sitting on their hands cringing at each 20, a heel. Ronda Rousey interrupted this voucher, where Jax assaulted her, and she came to the ring to ear since the fans cheered her. She stopped the series, if only for a few seconds. It was her turn to cut a promo that is poor where she appeared to forget her lines and did the voice fluctuation item that is weird. It was embarrassing. To top it off, Jax responded to a struggle to get a fight by saying”I’m stalling for time” before everyone just stood around. Natalya’s music hit and she conducted in. That is exactly what she stalled for? Nattie was assaulted by The Right Squad before she could get into the ring and Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and the Raw women’s winner easily beat back Sarah Logan in a matter of moments. That was just finished after by the section. Poor promos, storytelling that is terrible, timing that is awful — that was. Among the year’s sections.


– because Drake Maverick pissed on a robe, a game was won by AOP.


– No Way Jose came out for his match, Following Ember Moon won a game against Alicia Fox. He, obviously, had his conga line and Renee Young might be heard on the commentary stating”Ember Moon hates dance” while Moon was dancing and grinning in the conga line.

Monday Night Raw

– Alexa Bliss reserved a section where Sasha Banks and Bayley would have an”open forum” to answer questions from the crowd. After declaring this, Bayley and Banks went on Twitter and cited the tag team titles of women to promote the segment. They were asked precisely 1 question:”what would you change about the women’s branch?” That left the door open to bring the tag team titles of the women up. Rather, Bliss ran down, because this series must be about whoever the authority figure is at any particular time. The section ended when Dana Brooke, Mickie James, and Alicia Fox ran in and attacked.


This was among the episodes of Monday Night Raw. It’s a show on stars and it does not have any stars, because the guy responsible for making them doesn’t appear to understand how to do or caters.

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