The Bar will wrestle a Group other than New Day on SmackDown for the first time since September

Maybe SmackDown would like to avoid being the butt of the very same jokes was for booking the 800th Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins game of this year. More likely, they simply ran out of reasons to get The Bar confronted The New Day… for today.


Whatever the reason, we do not need to look a gift horse in the mouth here. The SmackDown tag champs vs. The Usos should be great. The fact it is the first time Cesaro & Sheamus (with and without Big Show) have wrestled a group aside from the Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods on a Tuesday night because Sept. 11 is merely a bonus.


Their bout tonight (Nov. 27) is defined as non-title, so it is likely either ending at a DQ or a blank loss for the champs to be able to warrant a rematch. And that will kick off two weeks of Isis vs. The Bar matches. Enjoy it while it is fresh, is what we’re saying.


Who knows, maybe they will add a third team to the mix for a Triple Threat ladder match in the TLC pay-per-view (PPV) on Dec. 16? Another group, for example, say… The New Day.

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