Top 3 Moments that you Missed this Monday Night RAW

3 Botches you probably missed on Monday Night Raw (26th, November 2018)

Monday Night Raw emanated tonight and there was a clear lack of star power in person and because the likes of Braun Strowman and Dean Ambrose didn’t appear as part of this show live.

Were a number of shocking sections much like Alexa Bliss opening up a forum to Nia Jax and then the WWE Universe with Bayley and Sasha Banks once again bringing up the fact that she knocked out Becky Lynch as a means to get heat.

Seth Rollins brought back the Intercontinental Championship open challenge, which was answered by a returning Dolph Ziggler, who allegedly was struggling with a foot injury, but he’s now been able to push that to one side and nearly lifted the title for the seventh time.

Many fans saw whilst Raw as a bad episode this week, there were some botches that many of the WWE Universe may have missed.

Ronda Rousey faces Nia Jax for the Women’s Championship at TLC next month and the build-up to that game has obviously already begun, with Jax announcing that”The Facebreaker” will add yet another name to her list.

Evidently, Rousey had to come out and respond to Jax and once again it turned into a botchy promo before Tamina Snuka and The Irresistible Force tried to assault the former UFC Champion and Natalya made the save.

Natalya didn’t make it to the ring, because she had been attacked by The Riott Squad and Rousey cleaned house and delivered a terrible Judo throw. It was an rough night for Rousey.

#2 Baron Corbin does not know how to market

Wrestling has changed over the years, much like football it’s now fastpaced and includes a number of moves that weren’t even thought of a decade ago, but there was a time when a DDT has been seen as a finishing movement and Jake”The Snake” Roberts made a career out of it.

Baron Corbin seemingly forgot this week , since a DDT was delivered by Finn Balor to the General Manager Elect and he got back up onto his feet and ready himself for the next move. A DDT is used by a number of stars as a near collapse and Lita and Mickie James made careers out of using it as a finisher, so the fact that Corbin refused to sell a transfer of this caliber in the main event of Monday Night Raw needs to be highlighted.

Mickie James remembered not the spots better than # 1 Sasha Banks

Alexa Bliss was given the role as the manager of the Women’s Division this week and her first act of business was to create an open forum for Sasha Banks and Bayley so fans could ask questions. The segment become a game of who could throw the best banter before Sasha and Bayley were assaulted Mickie James by Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke.

It’s interesting to note that WWE is so short of bodies that Brooke only tagged on Saturday night and she is being used as a heel once again. This section also saw Mickie James apparently miss her cue since Sasha Banks got her hands up to block a kick before she had thrown the movement, which was a little sloppy.

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