Top 4 Smackdown Reasons that Its Business Goes Down

SmackDown for a time used to be considered the newest in WWE where some of the greatest action happen, but the product SmackDown has put out has gotten bad.


The quality has gotten stale with the same things getting dished out again and again and again, and the competitiveness of the SmackDown brand has taken a hit. It got mauled by Raw on Survivor Series, and to be honest, even this week’s Monday Night Raw was a much better edition than the same stale (even boring) material SmackDown dished out.


Slowly but steadily, it will look like WWE is currently putting in substantially lesser time on the content for SmackDown as compared to Raw, and it won’t be a far-off call to say SmackDown as a brand is dying. Here are a few reasons why.


#1 No mention of the”6-0″ whitewash by Raw on Survivor Series


This was built up on Sunday night by Shane McMahon when he tweeted after the Survivor Series PPV that “actions need to take”, with regard to the mauling SmackDown obtained in the hands of Raw.


The thing was emphasized by the WWE accounts that Shane McMahon will come to address the 6-0 defeat for the SmackDown roster at Survivor Series.


Shane did come on Miz TV on SmackDown, but did he tackle the 6-0 defeat? No. Did he talk about actions that will need to be taken? No. In actuality, that score and narrative were forgotten, and we’d Miz seeking to ditch Shane to become his tag team partner.


It could be a good narrative to develop for WWE, why there were no consequences following such an embarrassing outcome, but a viewer would wonder? Does SmackDown not take itself that seriously either?


#2 Stars like Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe wasted


Which was the last significant feud for Shinsuke Nakamura on SmackDown? What was the last significant thing Samoa Joe did on SmackDown other than losing to AJ Styles and acting as a replacement for Daniel Bryan?


If you speak about the SmackDown roster, then Samoa and Nakamura Joe would have to be among the wrestlers present in that roster. But if you compare this with the amount of time they both are currently getting on the show, it just doesn’t correlate.


Nakamura has been neglected to such an extent that has just turned into a joke, as no one wants anything to do with it. Samoa Joe on the other hand hardly features. The last time he had been on TV, he got pinned by Drew Mcintyre in no time.


Although two their stars do nothing but warm the bench, we will need to ask what they are really doing with the series.


#3 The tag team division is in the dumps


The tag team division these days is made up of The Bar and The New Day. That’s it. There’s no one else there, because all we have seen for the last one month is a lot of different variations of”The New Day vs The Bar” that putting the entire thing down as dull would be the easy way out.


Sometimes it’s one of the other being fought by these. It’s two on two, sometimes three. This week’s edition was a Thanksgiving Special by the way. It is a feud that has lost value a bit.


The fact that there are really tag teams such as”Sanity” and”The Good Brothers” on the roster and they’re still not doing anything with them rather than simply going back and forth with the same combo, shows how unimaginative and rancid the writing has become.


#4 The WWE Championship lacks credibility


Survivor Series 2017, Brock Lesnar defeats against in what was a fairly one-sided match where AJ Styles was thrown around the ring, AJ Styles, he put in some crime, but a Brock Lesnar F-5 put an end to it.

Smack Down Live

Survivor Series 2018, Brock Lesnar defeats Daniel Bryan in what was a similar match-up to the one that played with AJ Styles, as again Brock toyed through the matchput a stop to it.


On a basis, if the WWE Champion gets toyed with by the Universal Champion, it does undermine the prize on SmackDown’s value. To add to it, you compare the stars battling for the WWE Championship and compare it with the stars you see what a huge gulf there is between the two.

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