Top 5 Effects of WWE Booking on Becky Lynch’s Injury

Smack Down Live

Becky Lynch Injury to Attack on Raw

Becky Lynch has been over the last few months on the run of her life, and many in the WWE Universe would feel it is. Her supposed heel turn on Charlotte Flair made her more of a fan favourite than anything else, and she has been gathering more and more momentum throughout her title run.

Lynch has been such a popular figure that the construct before her planned match with Ronda Rousey saw fans getting behind The Irish Lass Kicker and really positioning her as a favourite to win the match against Rousey.

Fans and wrestling observers had also pointed out that Lynch winning the match would be a terrific idea, and that was what would be needed to really take her career.

Lynch has been among the most interesting superstars to see on SmackDown Live and can easily be considered one of the attractions on the show. It is clear that we can expect her to have an extended title run, and the WWE have many plans in store for her.

Or at least that was the situation until the episode of Monday Night Raw before Survivor Series. Lynch led a SmackDown Live women’s invasion of Raw, and Lynch being injured by Nia Jax was seen by the brawl.

The harm would force the WWE to change the Survivor Series match because of Lynch, between Rousey and Lynch not being medically cleared to compete in the event, with Charlotte Flair taking her place.

The question is how this will affect her push going, and how a lot more changes to their plans the WWE will need to make due to the injury of Lynch. This article will look at 5 plans.

#1 Charlotte Flair’s heel turn

Charlotte Flair took Lynch’s place at Survivor Series, and her heel turn and activities were completely unexpected while she was an replacement for Becky.

Flair unleashed among the most brutal assaults we have seen on WWE television in the women’s division. There were fans who were amazed by what ensued, and this was a movement which turned Flair into a crowd favorite in a matter of minutes.

This wasn’t a move, and it was a indication that the WWE had learned from the experiment with Lynch. The new badass character which Flair adopted was similar to that of Lynch’s, and the crowd responded with cheers in precisely the same way they’ve cheered Lynch through her conduct with the title.

  • The WWE had a badass babyface to take the mantle, with Lynch not cleared to wrestle, and this was.

#2 A possible Rousey heel turn

After Charlotte Flair started her attack on Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series, it was clear the WWE Universe had turned in a huge way Rousey. Rousey had looked vulnerable and broken for the first time in her WWE run, which was a tremendous moment for the superstar.

Rousey is receiving lots of reaction from the fans, and this could be due to the fact that the WWE are repeating the mistake with her they made with Roman Reigns.

Rousey hasn’t looked like the machine that she was in the UFC, and it was expected that she would have been more of the Brock Lesnar of the women’s division, rather than the super babyface which her has turned into.

The WWE might use this unexpected turn of events to turn Rousey heel, and have her become more of a destructive force on Monday Night Raw, rather than the crowd pleasing babyface which we’ve been forced to watch.

#3 WrestleMania 35


It’s been speculated for quite a long time (probably ever since Ronda Rousey arrived in WWE) which she would face off against Charlotte Flair in a dream match at WrestleMania 35.

Dave Meltzer has reported that Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey might be the game intended to headline WrestleMania 35 instead, given the popularity Lynch has had over the past few months.

The projected match between Rose and Lynch in Survivor Series had an immense quantity of hype surrounding it, and it would be impossible for the WWE to ignore how over Lynch is with the fans right now.

A match between Rose and Lynch would be one for the ages, and the fact that the match at Survivor Series was scrapped has put anticipation for a future match between the two, which is rumored to be at WrestleMania 35.

Nia Jax that is # 4 being the sole survivor at Survivor Series


If it was not clear before, it certainly is. Nia Jax is a heel figure, more because of the injury that she caused Rousey rather than any other motive.

This was made even more clear at Survivor Series where J got booed throughout the match and received a lot of negative response after she caused Lynch to miss the event due to injury.

The WWE has been quick to act on this and have used the harm of Lynch to place Jax as an wrecking machine. This was evident during Survivor Series where Jax discharged everyone who came her way effortlessly, including Asia.

Smack Down Live
Becky Lynch’s Injury

Jax would go on to become the only survivor, which was done to emphasise her dominance and physicality, particularly in the light of the injury she caused Lynch.

One of the most notable points that have been caused by the injury of Lynch is just how over her is with the WWE Universe. There’s probably nothing Lynch can do at this stage which would make the WWE Universe boo her, and this is on.

Despite being in a heated feud with Charlotte Flair, The Queen is now seen to be honoring Lynch, and committed her attack on Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series to Becky. It’s clear that the WWE have decided to position Lynch in the top of the SmackDown Live women’s division, and that she is the obvious leader of the locker room.

The WWE are going to be looking for ways to preserve the momentum which she has had throughout her title with Lynch being out of action for a while. This episode of SmackDown Live after Survivor Series supports this as Lynch was depicted in an light by Flair and shown a tremendous amount of respect.

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