TOP Superstart Braun Strowman has Injured in Last Monday Night RAW

WWE Rumor Mill: Another Top RAW Superstar Injured

What’s the story?


Another injury report comes to light another day. This Time, it’s the Show-Off, Dolph Ziggler. The John Pollock of post Wrestling has a report that asserts the WWE World Heavyweight Champion is working through an accident.
In case you didn’t know…

ZiZiegleras featured post WrestleMania 34 ever since being drafted to Raw as part of the Superstar Shake-up. Though his alliance with Drew McIntyre has the agenda of putting over McIntyre, ZiZiegleras thrived under the spotlight.

ZiZiegleras part of team that comfortably defeated the Men at Survivor Series in blue. He was, but not in actions on Raw as part of this section that was used to write off Braun Strowman off tv. Strowman hihes recovering from the injury to Ziggler and an elbow injury has made things worse for the WWE Creative.

The heart of the matter

According to Pollock of the Post Wrestling, Ziggler is dealing with an injured foot. What caused the injury is a mystery including which foot he hurt at this point. As of this writing, we’re not sure whether he will miss any time as an official statement has not been put out by WWE.

The Intercontinental Champion is not expected to work As he’s advertised without a sanctioned bout A match in this weekend’s WWE Starrcade series.

What’s next?

It would be interesting to see whether Ziggler does take Some time off contemplating his heavy schedule. WWE is already reeling from an injury crisis of sorts with the majority of the top superstars being sidelined. ZiZiegleras been one of the prominent heels on Raw and his absence would induce things to shake up yet again.

But, by the looks of it ZiZieglerhould be back in action before you know it, at least that is what we hope for.

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