Winner, and first ever NXT UK Women’s champin Great Promance .

It felt like more of an upset at the time it was filmed than it does now after all of her star-making functionality in the 2018 Mae Young Classic (and epic trolling of one of the wrestlers she conquered, the injured Teagan Nox) has aired. But back in August, Rhea Ripley pinning Toni Storm to become the first ever NXT UK Women’s champion was a little surprising.


Spoiler readers have had plenty of time to allow it to sink in, however, and those who followed along with the tournament as WWE Network readers had some. But the accelerated broadcast schedule meant that Storm vs. Ripley from the finals aired just a couple weeks after the area was announced.


Fans across the world must see that match now (Nov. 28), a hard-hitting 10 minute affair that saw Storm fight through strikes targeting her back after she was dropped on it during an apron melee. In the end, Toni was prevented by the damage from hitting on her Storm Zero finisher. Rhea, on the other hand, had no problem hitting on Riptide.


WWE released a out of character post-show interview:


Now we will look toward TakeOver: Blackpool, where Ripley will defend the belt – if she can keep it until Jan. 12, 2019. Whoever might she face .


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