WWE 205 Live Effects (Dec. 5, 2018): Lucha House Rules

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WWE 205 Live returns to WWE Network tonight (Dec. 5, 2018) from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas

Advertised for tonight: A pair of new alliances take center stage, as the Maria Kanellis-brokered partnership between TJP and her husband Mike seems to end the Lucha House Party under the stipulation that has been confounding The Revival on Monday nights, and The Brian Kendrick will have Akira Tozawa watching his back as he takes on Drew Gulak, who will have Gentleman Jack Gallagher by his side as always.

  • Come right back here at 7 p.m. ET when the 205 Live live website kicks off after the series starts on WWE Network. It will be below this line here.

NOTE: Spoilers are out there for all these broadcasts, but a lot of Cagesiders do not partake. If you’re going to post or discuss spoilers for this show in the beginning of the show and the short-time between when this article is printed, please use the spoiler bar.

– Mike & TJP Kanellis vs. Lucha House Party at a Tornado Tag match

Come and stare through these eyes, from a mountain so high. Is it possible? Return to nature and nowhere will know my name. That is what it takes to feel at home. In her soul that is beyond light where I lay, is, until I live blog this here pro wrestling show for y’all.

  • The series opens with the festivities of tonight being hyped up by the narration from urinator Drake Maverick.

Brian Kendrick vs. Drew Gulak

Kendrick keeping his distance in the feeling out, trying to stay on top of Gulak but Drew’s not easy to stay out of and they stalemate. Gulak can not get the Gu-Lock, so he starts working over it just for Brian to make the ropes and pivots into the leg. Drew shifts to striking DDT the leg for one, Kendrick back in it and he tries to grind Gulak down with a full nelson.

Tiger suplex cuts Drew off when he attempts to escape, just a near fall! Gulak gets under Tenryu powerbomb him and right! Falling back with it, turning it but Brian escapes with forearms! Drew presses the attack with strikes, into a headlock shoot-off sequence but Kendrick’s rally is cut short when Gulak goes back to the leg!

Brian gets the ropes, Drew with a slam into an elbow drop and he locks him back down with a chancery. Gulak suffocates him and they end up slugging it out in the middle of the ring, punch for punch! Brian’s got the Captain’s Hook in! Drew’s crawling, desperate, reaching, stretching, praying… DREW GULAK MAKES THE ROPES BUT KENDRICK WON’T LET GO!

Shift… DRAGON SUPLEX GETS A NEAR FALL! Looking for the Captain’s Hook again, jockeying for position and Brian dumps Drew to the floor! Jack Gallagher puts Akira Tozawa hard into the post, schoolboy gets off two the diversion! Kendrick believes fast, hits Sliced Bread #2… and Gallagher breaks up the snare! Referee Rod Zapata has no choice but to call it…

Brian Kendrick wins by disqualification.

Kendrick fights but Gulak gets him into the Gu-Lock and Jack keeps Tozawa and ends up decking him with that earth-shattering headbutt of his!

Gallagher and gulak stand tall together.

  • We get a recap of the tag team event of last week that feeds into Drake Maverick interviewing Buddy Murphy.

Murphy says he’s not looking to make friends and he’s glad he is wrestling Cedric Alexander again, he deserves the credit for their tag team win and because Mustafa Ali is the harder opponent. However, if Cedric wants to prove he’s that good, he needs to do it next week, in separate singles games with Drake choosing at their opponents.

Ariya Daivari vs. Clay Roberts

Daivari pieces Roberts into the corner and beats him down, but Clay manages to get a rally in off reversing a whip before being laid out with a roundhouse kick. Hideo Itami watching on the kid with palm strikes is seen by us. Hammerlock, the Pepsi Twist… but Daivari yanks him up at two! Deal another time, referee Charles Robinson frustrated while Clay’s eyes roll back in his head!

  • Ariya strikes a series of falling lariats and finally Roberts is out and Robinson calls it…

Ariya Daivari wins by referee stoppage.

Mustafa Ali gets a promo about how we all fall, but getting up is the tough part, and now he is going to get back up, and whoever’s winner when he gets his second shot better be prepared to fight for their life, because he will be.

Cedric Alexander is interviewed backstage about Murphy’s comments from earlier, and he says that the concept that Ali is far better than him strikes a nerve with him and he can’t let him step into his spotlight… he chuckles and says he does not really mean that he does not want to play with 3rd grade mind games, but he accepts the challenge for next week and whoever steps in his way, he’s taking out.

  • Noam Dar gets a promo to challenge Buddy Murphy into a game, title shot or no.

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