WWE 205 Live results (Nov. 28, 2018): Heart & Soul in 205 Live

WWE 205 Live returns to WWE Network tonight (Nov. 28, 2018) from Target Center in Minneapolis.


Advertised for tonight: More than a month after being defeated by Mustafa Ali in a Last Man Standing match that is brutal, Hideo Miami returns to action. And in a game featuring three men who want what he has, Cruiserweight champ Buddy Murphy will group with training partner Tony Nese to face off against Cedric Alexander & Ali in tag action!


Come back here at 7 p.m. ET when the 205 Live live blog kicks off after the show begins on WWE Network. It will be below this line here.


NOTE: Spoilers are out there for all these broadcasts, but Cagesiders do not partake. If you’re going to post or talk spoilers for this show from the beginning of the show and the short-time between when this article is published, please use the spoiler bar.


There is nothing. Under the moon, the stranger waits inside. Folks disappear, the music fades away. Splashing through the rain, I’ll dream with them one day. It’s raining, raining, on New York City’s streets. It’s raining, raining, raining deep in heaven, and here on Cageside, I am liveblogging this here pro wrestling show for you.

The show opens with ol’ pee-pants Drake”Miles Davis” Maverick hyping tonight’s festivities– Noam Dar vs. Mike Kanellis, the return of Hideo Itami, and the main event tag team match of Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese vs. Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali.


Mike Kanellis vs. Noam Dar

Circling breaks dirty with disdainful slaps when referee Charles Robinson calls for it and Kanellis muscles Dar to the corner. In her bunch before locking an armbar on her husband mike blows a kiss at Noam and Maria waves. Go-behind switch, back elbow, off the ropes, hang on, and Dar kicks his leg outta his leg!


Action heads to the ground, Kanellis nightclubs Noam in the leg, smashes him to the announce desk and Dar returns the favor. Maria with the distraction and Mike clobbers Noam! Straight suplex on the floor! Back inside knee into the spine and Kanellis locks a chinlock on. Dar from it, whip reversed, drop down to duck a crossbody and mat is eaten by Mike!


Whip across, duck a lariat dropkick, throat thrusts and an uppercut as the Scottish Supernova gets rolling! Suplex blocked, duck the lariatoff the ropes and Kanellis grabs him with a spinebuster! Lucha House Party interrupt, with Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik coming to the stage… KALISTO WAS UNDER THE RING AND NAILS MIKE WITH A KICK!

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