WWE Fastlane 2019: 4 Potential surprises

WWE Fastlane 2019: 4 Potential surprises

The next stop from the Road to WrestleMania is nearly upon us.

Fastlane is the upcoming pay-per-view of this year, and the build-up into the games have been fairly underwhelming.

The prior pay-per-view, Elimination Chamber, was exciting because of both room matches and a few other decent matches. Frankly, Elimination Chamber should be the last PPV before WrestleMania, but this is a discussion for another time.

Fastlane comes soon after Elimination Chamber and the quality in reserving can be observed due to that. The majority of the storylines look rushed.

But one can’t complain too much because the quality of work is obviously pretty good within the ring at a PPV.

#1 New RAW tag team champions

The RAW tag team championship game is a triple threat match between winners, The Revival, and their two opponents, Roode and Gable, and both NXT graduates, Ricochet and Aleister Black.

The Revival won the championships last month from Roode and Gable. The title run was lackluster, to say the least.

Talking of lackluster title runs, here comes Roode and Gable. The feud they had with Authors of Pain was painful for the audience to watch and their fluke wins over The Revival didn’t really help the division.

The third team in the fray, Ricochet and Aleister Black, are some of the most exciting superstars to come out of NXT. They are in the match because they pinned the champions on RAW.

There’s absolutely no storyline going into the game. Just a couple generic teams having a match at a PPV.

But WWE could surprise everybody with the booking in the PPV itself. Roode and Gable interfered in the championship match between the other two teams on RAW and showed heelish attitudes when confronted.

While their first run as faces was a bust, perhaps a heel run will yield different results. For that to happen, they absolutely must win the RAW tag team championships. It would be a surprise since they’re the least expected team to win one of the three.

#2 A Shane McMahon heel turn

Ever since Shane McMahon replaced The Miz at Crown Jewel in the World Cup final, a turn by superstar was imminent.

Though WWE took a comedic route with them, through all the gags and skits, the culmination of the tag team run is nearly here.

The former champions lost their SmackDown Live tag team championships at Elimination Chamber from The Usos. This is the return game.

The Miz has acted frustrated ever since they lost the tag team championships. So many expect him to turn.

Fastlane is going to take place at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, which is also The Miz’s home state. The Miz’s father was heavily mentioned, and that means just 1 thing, that Miz and Shane are going to lose this Sunday.

In case the Miz turns heel in his hometown, the reaction would be quite mild. So, WWE has to pull the trigger and turn Shane heel. It has been long overdue, and he can finally flip after Miz goes on another tantrum after losing. Miz’s father may also be involved in this to instant heat from the crowd.

Though Miz is pretty stale as a face, Shane’s heel turn would be the best plan of action for WWE, which will lead to a match at WrestleMania 35.

#3 The Beast strikes again

The absent Universal Champion is missing from a pay-per-view.

Seth Rollins is teaming up with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose since the trio join forces to fight against Drew Mcintyre, Bobby Lashley, and Baron Corbin.

There’s absolutely no real story going into the game one of the competitors involved. Though, rumors are circulating this celebrity could be Reigns’ competition for WrestleMania.

The intriguing thing is going to be, whether Brock Lesnar makes an appearance this Sunday, and prices Seth Rollins and The Shield the game. The Beast isn’t scheduled for Fastlane but WWE has pulled these tricks before, where an unscheduled superstar makes an appearance.

To get a feud between the biggest tournament, WWE wants Brock to look and progress that the feud. Even a little diversion and beatdown on Rollins would do.

#4 A Becky Lynch Reduction

The match that was supposed to be for the RAW Women’s Championship is now going to be for Becky Lynch’s chance at competing for the championship at WrestleMania.

Stephanie announced on RAW that when The Man falls against Charlotte, then she’s out of the game at WrestleMania. And, if Becky wins, that game will be a triple threat.

The rumors have been going on for some time, so a Becky win is practically guaranteed. However, WWE can always pull the fast one and have Becky Lynch lose against Charlotte in Fastlane. That move would get Becky Lynch the sympathy in the audience, and she would need to further fight her way to get a chance at WrestleMania.

WWE did something very similar to Daniel Bryan a few years ago, having him face Triple H at WrestleMania and then Batista and Randy Orton for the championship later in the evening.

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