WWE Fastlane 2019: 5 Items that need to happen

WWE Fastlane 2019: 5 Items that need to happen

With each passing week, the anticipation grows for the series of shows, especially with the card already beginning to take shape and lots of continuing feuds gaining much-needed momentum before matters are taken up a gear during the last stages just prior to the show.

What it also does is, it makes Fastlane a crucial PPV for WWE since they wouldn’t need to suffer bad ratings with this one if individuals are to expect WrestleMania 35.

It would be important for WWE to serve a fantastic product to its viewers, particularly after the Elimination Chamber at a way wasn’t really that good. Fastlane, on the other hand, does have some intrigue about it, but there are still a few things which should occur at the PPV to maintain both the storylines and viewer interest running smoothly.

Here are a couple of things which should occur at the Fastlane PPV.

#1 The Start of the Shane and Miz feud

Let’s be honest, the only reason why the tag team of Shane McMahon and The Miz was set in place would be to finally lead to a feud between Shane McMahon and The Miz, and in some ways it’s been building up quite well since we have seen a great deal of signs of Shane being revealed as the stronger of the two.

With WrestleMania only around a month off and not that many shows left, the timing will be perfect to pull the trigger on the feud in Fastlane. The duo could lose to the Usos using the Mizz being the reason behind the reduction yet again and this could result in Shane’s much-awaited heel turn, as he snaps on the Miz and beats him down.

This would bring a feeling of something new as WWE has not featured Shane as a heel in a long time, while the Miz himself has almost never been a babyface.

#2 Ronda Rousey Equates to Conquer down Becky again

Among the greatest reasons why this needs to be the case is WWE should guard the third thing of the triple threat match. Charlotte has been dominated by Becky for quite a long time and even dropped to her at the Royal Rumble where she had been tossed off the ring.

Putting her in a game where the only stipulation for Becky to qualify for the match at WrestleMania is she must conquer Charlotte, actually puts the Queen in a tight place.

A way out could be Ronda again taking things in her hands, and in a search to add Becky to the game, she interferes, attacking Becky yet again, which induces a disqualification and automatically adds Becky into the match.

We can not have either of those women lose the game cleanly, so this must be one of the ways all three enter WrestleMania looking strong.

#3 The match between Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan ends in a DQ


It is not a secret that this all seems a bit hurried. Kevin Owens just seems to have stepped back into the action, and even prior to the euphoria of his return could wear off, he is fighting for the title.

The feud itself has still not gathered steam and there is an extra factor of Kofi Kingston lurking in the background. Switching belts at this early stage of a feud would feel somewhat premature and Kevin Owens losing his first major match since his return would just not fit in either.

A means out to really assist this feud grow and reach some substance could be by having Rowan interfere in the game, cause a disqualification, and conquer Owens. This could help the feud create some steam.

In an added measure, Kofi Kingston could be added into the match at WrestleMania, and subsequently, the match would turn into a triple threat match. This way, neither does Bryan shed his belt Owens seem weak.

#4 Brock Lesnar Looks and beats down Seth Rollins

Let’s face it, Roman Reigns’ return has really changed the match between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins adversely. Presently, there’s no hype or momentum connected to the game and what was likely to be a struggle against hardship for Seth Rollins to reach the greatest prize in WWE has taken a backseat, as he is currently focusing on reuniting with his brother and receiving the”ring” back together.

Rather, should not the focus be on the biggest match of his career against an opponent that has mastered everything in his path?

Fastlane can offer a excellent opportunity for a reboot, as after the game we can see Brock making an appearance and beating up Seth Rollins simply to remind him of what is in store at WrestleMania. This would help reignite the feud in addition to generate some momentum to the game.

#5 The revival should retain the title

The indications are there that this could occur, as Roode and Gable were added to the game. WWE can’t afford to let Aleister Black and Ricochet seem weak by losing, and on the other hand, they need to keep the Revival as the winners because until now they have not done anything of note.

And just because of this, we saw Bobby Roode and Chad Gable get added into the match. It’s highly likely that the duo of Roode and Gable will take the loss and we can really see the tag team division getting built around The Revival.

Ricochet and Black are not your traditional tag group, and even though they have currently defeated anything and everything placed in front of them, we can not see them doing so for the long haul.

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