WWE Monday Night RAW Shocking Moments of 26 November 2018

Shocking Moment of Latest Monday Night RAW Results

No, I didn’t like RAW at all. That was worried I wouldn’t have enough stuff to write about when covering the’Bests’. I did struggle but have managed to scrounge up some things to finish this article. Sorry WWE, but this was an off week for you guys monday night raw.

By Ambrose getting injections on his rear end This was a bizarre episode all around. I was exhausted by the end. It’s never a great feeling once your audience can’t wait for the series.

I’m not feeling the heel faction of Corbin, McIntyre and Lashley with their supervisor in tow, Lio Rush. They can’t be the centerpiece of RAW, in my view.

Let me run through what I liked and disliked with this episode…

Yes, I know what you guys are thinking. Ziegler coming out To accept Rollins’ open challenge was a dampener, considering he’s had many conflicts with the man. That said, both men put on a excellent match this week and worked hard. They proved why Vince McMahon relied in this place on the two of them.

I loved the fact that Rollins pinned Ziegler with the Falcon Arrow. He set the stomp up but eventually got the pin with a movement that is traditionally not got him too victories. The crowd naturally chanted’this is amazing’ when the fight escalated to a crescendo.

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In a way, I was glad that this was not interfered in by Ambrose match. It would have distracted from what was a contest that was great .

What do you think of Ziggler going without McIntyre in tow?

#1 Worst: No babyfaces

Braun Strowman has been written TV off owing to his health concerns. It was great to know he would return in time for TLC. Unlike Dean Ambrose, he did not even need to be injected from the posterior region. However, the absence of Strowman has given rise to a very real issue.

While the heel faction of McIntyre Lashley and Corbin is The protagonists in the story do not match up. Finn Balor and Elias have not been booked as men in quite some time now. They do not match up to the heels.

It’s unfortunate that Reigns is not on tv. He would have been a great opponent with this trio that was devious.

I guess we will have to wait for Cena to return to RAW To battle this trio.

#2 Best: Balor vs. Corbin

It’s easy to forget just how talented a performer Finn Balor is. Balor went against Corbin in the main event game. In The first half of the competition, Balor proved that he when it comes to performance.

Balor was fluid when he used his Revolutionary Crime to place the RAW General Manager away. In fact, I say that Corbin stepped his game up considering how great his opponent seemed. The crowd, which was dead for most of the evening, finally came alive.

Of course, the contest would devolve into a 2 on 1 handicap Match, and the pin would be taken by Balor again. However, on one of the weaker episodes of RAW Finn Balor and Baron Corbin attempted to steal the show with a excellent performance.

#2 Worst: Alexa Bliss’ open discussion section

It is one thing to not reserve Sasha and Bayley in the position They should be booked in. It’s another thing to remind us of the potential and they’ve been misused. That’s exactly what WWE did during the open forum.

This was a section with a plant in the audience and the WWE Universe didn’t buy into this segment for a moment. It was a set up for an ambush from Alexa Bliss’ friends. It seemed to go about things, I felt.

Sasha Banks and Bayley’s tag team also feels very Inconsequential considering they are not currently vying for any tag team championships. Why are these two girls from the roster, in kayfabe, as a tag group, if there are no titles for, I wonder?! to compete

#3 Best: Rebuilding Mahal once more

Did any of you see the AJ Styles’365′ documentary on the Network? It reminded me that about a year ago Jinder Mahal was the top star on SmackDown Live. He has had a quick descent down the ranks since then. I guess by having him score a victory over No Way Jose WWE is trying to rebuild him.

Let’s hope this series continues into a program that is meaningful. No offense to No Way Jose, but he has not been depicted as the most promising superstar in the roster in quite some time. Maybe ‘ persona can drop his own’ shanti too.

It takes a long time to get over a superstar as a babyface Or a heel. To have him come down the ranks is not a good thing.

Do you guys think that Mahal can be a star for another run?

#3 Worst toilet humour

The Intercontinental Championship was not the title on the line this week. AoP took on Gable and Roode. The robe of Roode would be stolen by drake Maverick and rush into the toilet. He would urinate on it and flush it down, helping his team win.

I guess some people like this type of humour. I personally Is not a large enough reason for Roode to get diverted from a title match. The entire segment just seemed contrived.

Can’t Bobby Roode just get himself a robe? Does WWE not Pay their superstars to manage one?

This week did nobody any favors from the RAW Tag Team Champions who looked very weak to Roode who looked like a chump and Gable who got buried in this saga of lame toilet humor.

#4 Best/worst: Alexa Bliss’ authority figure role

I am thankful that Alexa Bliss is an authority figure. It gives Her something to do while she’s injured. However, does this mean that her wrestling career is completed? It is extremely scary if such is the case.

But at the same time, it is good to see Bliss causing all Sorts in the women’s division of chaos. It makes sense for her to play the heel here, than Constable Corbin. She has personal stakes in the division and it makes all the sense for her to wage war against Sasha and Bayley Banks.

I really do hope that she does return however, and does Not become another Paige, how and whose career has been shortened! Whatever you might think of her, nobody deserves to have their in-ring career cut short.

Here’s hoping for a quick return!


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