WWE NEW RUMORS: Will AJ Styles Able to Become Featured ?

WWE Rumor Mill: AJ Styles not to be featured going forward?

What’s the story?

Ringsidenews.com is currently reporting through Mike Johnson’s PWInsider Elite radio that AJ Styles won’t be as featured on SmackDown Live going.

He did lose the WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan on the Episode of SmackDown Live before Survivor Series.

What’s the reason for the minor demotion of’ the Champ Who Runs the Camp’?

In case you didn’t know…

Styles defeated Jinder Mahal last December Live show in Manchester England. During his reign with the WWE Championship, Styles defended against Mahal, Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan.

On the last SmackDown Live before Survivor Series, Bryan Pilfered the title off of Styles’ shoulders after a blow that was low not seen by the referee.

Styles’ reign of 371 days ended. It was tied With the eighth-longest in WWE history with’Macho Man’ Randy Savage’s title reign in 1988-1989.

Since the name loss, Styles was not at Survivor Series nor at this week’s SmackDown Live.

The heart of the matter

AJ Styles’ current WWE contract expires. Styles would be featured until a deal is made, going forward, although johnson’s interview noted that WWE and Styles was negotiating on a new contract.

Styles wants a schedule SmackDown Live brand as the brand split and during his recent title reign.

Johnson also had some other interesting insights:

  • AJ’s deal is up in April and traditionally when someone’s deal is coming due they are not really featured in a major way in a pay-per-view. Though there are exceptions to that. Jeff Hardy being against CM Punk and things of that nature and Punk where Punk could have left. So there are exceptions to the rule, it is not a hard-rule.”
  • “But one might think WWE will begin to downplay him a little bit if they don’t lock him into a longer-term deal. Those talks are on-going now so we will see what happens.”

With Styles currently amidst contract The idea, negotiations was to take the title from him at some stage in the near future.

Fightful.com also had some other information Regarding the reasons behind Styles dropping the name, saying he’s hoping to secure the appearances to the way the new deals of Randy Orton have worked out similar.

Styles is looking to get a reduced schedule that allows him to Spend more time. The report from Fightful.com also stated it was Styles’ idea to drop the title to Bryan.
What is next?

With Styles no longer as Bryan and WWE Champion now Technically a heel, SmackDown Live is currently lacking in babyfaces.

Jeff Hardy and rey Mysterio are probably considered the next Ones in line, but they are best days are behind them. They’re better suited placing over some younger talents and helping to measure up against high heels (Bryan, Orton, Nakamura) if required.

The Miz or will Rusev get pushes to face Bryan now that Styles is likely after his rematch out of the picture?

Styles was important to the brand for his or her Fantastic in-ring likability, ability and the fact that he could be a heel or confront.

He’s been the MVP of, although he was cheered nonetheless Smackdown since the brand split.

He and WWE should be able to nail down a deal because both are better with each other.

He needs to spend time with His loved ones and when Randy Orton is permitted the freedoms he’s in his contracts, Someone like Styles should.

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