WWE NEWS RUMOR Chech How Effectively WWE Has Changed Their Strategy of Promotions

WWE Rumor Mill: WWE allegedly changing strategy since The Elite pitched?


The proposed All Elite Wrestling promotion may not be a Reality now, but Vince McMahon is taking steps to ensure if they are able to acquire a television deal, that his talent is not poached by the promotion.

In case you didn’t know…

The Elite is looking to put together their own advertising in The coming months and it’s already rumored that there are a range of WWE stars that are interested in joining AEW when next April?

Vince McMahon reportedly does not see the promotion as any Type of competition for WWE at present but given the fact that there have been a lot of outside promotions such as Ring of Honor as well as Chris Jericho with his Jericho Cruise in recent months using WWE’s venues and talent, it is just natural for McMahon to be worried about keeping hold of his most important names and also signing up many celebrities to prevent any other advertising from having them.

The heart of the matter

So that they are not able to talents are signed to contracts Be poached by other promotions, but it appears that some of the talents in WWE could be interested in working for AEW in the future, which is why according to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, WWE are changing their strategy to ensure that there aren’t any future troubles.

“If you look at This [WWE] roster, there’s a whole lot of men WWE’s gonna really try to double down and try and be sure they extend people’s contracts. You know I expect a lot of change from WWE from three days ago. You know? It’s on [Vince McMahon’s] radar, do not kid yourself,” he said via Ringsidenews.

“After the MSG show happened and [WWE] Blocked it [ROH] got it and it got unblocked, everything’s been on his radar. That’s these men and why ACH that they’ve known all of a sudden they are signed for ten years about that weren’t being signed before.

“I am sure they had a hint of some of this. I don’t know what they knew and didn’t know but I’m positive they had enough of a — I mean look, they have been courting Cody and The Young Bucks hard, hard, hard and those men haven’t committed and said’We are coming’ and they’ve gotta be sitting there going,’Why won’t they come?!”

What is next?

AEW is a proposed promotion At present and is yet to be a reality, but it may be interesting to see Which faces head over .

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