WWE NXT recap, reactions, video highlights (Nov. 28, 2018):

One Lorcan & Danny Burch def. The Mighty via pinfall. Nick Miller & Shane Thorne assault & beat down that the Brit-Am Brawlers. We get a recap of the last run-in of EC3 with the Women’s title match at Take Over and Undisputed ERA: War Games 2. Kairi Sane, Io Shirai & Dakota Kai pledge allegiance and say that they need trios match with the MMA Horsewomen.

– Totally fine tag match kicks off us. It is house show-quality because it occurred at a home show. There is always this incident from the date before Take Over, and a vibe when NXT tapes on the street . The lighting is a bit darker, we’ve got the UK duo of Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness on comment (Mauro Ranallo & Percy Watson are”on mission”), the audience is hot… it is all good.


The game, but you knew when you noticed who was reserved in it, it would be. Both teams are extremely good in their roles as faces and heels that are conniving, and they work. The question is, was this a home show one-off, or does any of what we watched mean anything? Lorcan scored the snare and Miller & Thorne got to stand after dropping tall, so this was about as an outcome as possible. Revenge will be come for by the Brawlers – nobody hurls Oney – but beyond this looks to tread water. Which is far better than nothing! Like this sense inessential However, it doesn’t create an episode.


– Super friends vs. Shawn Baszler, and I want to say Mary & Jessica? (Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir) should be an interesting gauge of how the previous two Horsewomen to ride into WWE are coming along. The best thing about this section was Io comically overdoing her hug of”best friend” Kairi while Dakota awkwardly stood alongside them.


EC3 def. Marcel Barthel via pitfall following the One Per center cuts a promo demanding a game for payback for the seat attack. A teaser plays for Dominick Dijakovic, and Candice Le Rae will not answer questions regarding her husband & her attitude. Mia Kim def. Vanessa Borne after Seoul Food via pitfall.


– Barthel lived up to the hype out of his job in Europe (where he labeled with new WWE signee WALTER as Axel Dieter Jr.) and really impressed with just a couple minutes here. His entrance that is regimented leans to the stereotype enough to give him a character without descending into parody. I would probably ditch the”nein” schtick until Vince McMahon sees it, or he will be a Hogan’s Heroes additional by the time he makes it into the main roster.


Mr. 3, as Pat McAfee calls him deserves credit for stepping up his in-ring work recently. Perhaps it’s because we are not seeing him but in his outings that are once, he is delivering performances than I remember from his TNA run. The audience loved him before, during and after the game. A mini-feud with Fish ought to be fun and may be great for both men.


– don’t like the title, but anticipating a push for F Donovan Dijak. I don’t have any clue what to expect character-wise. What was that”today we struggle for our lives” stuff about? Is he a kick boxer from a future return to warn us to alter our manners? Oh snap… THAT WOULD BE DOPE! Definitely hope Dijakovic is currently functioning a Nathan Summers-as-Time Cop gimmick.


– As with the last bout, the Performance Center act made a bigger impression at the match compared to TNA-ex of the women. Not that Tom was awful – this was a much better showing for her. San Jose popped big and she gave a performance in return to them.


Borne is a work-in-progress, but she makes smoother every time out, and adds new wrinkles. Here, turning the bronco buster that is inverted was a boom. She embellished by squeezing her chin to the Yim’s mind, the sort of painful detail which shows someone is paying attention, another rest hold. There is a ways to go beyond her enhancement talent function before she advances, but the Arizona Cardinals cheerleader & Phoenix Suns dancer is already than trainees with backgrounds get.



We’e told the War Raiders was “banged up” during their War Games win. NXT champ Tommaso Ciampa movies himself stating when he is on next week’s episode, the fans will need to follow his lead and boasting about his triumph. Lars Sullivan def. Keith Lee via pinfall Freak Accident.

– Worth noting that they mentioned Rowe & Hanson are currently hurting after Take Over. They did not even hint at Kairi being out, and she is about being sick publicly tweeted and will not be involved in the next several weeks worth of series. Tommy Sports Entertainment seems ready to go!


– A casualty of the home show experience was where sunlight is blocked out by Lars during his entrance we lost any production touches. All involved managed to make a fight that is large feel for hosses’ event showdown.


It seemed this game, and this strangeness is doubled down on by the result. With the time around the and Lee in a point where NXT does have men losing of Sullivan, I guessed this was going to be Lars doing the job on his way to the roster. I really do think I know the thinking behind it while I do not completely agree.


Part of this is that if these men are not going to be for long on precisely the brand, you do as you have the opportunity this game. It is unusual to see that this size that will work something like this * to two guys; Sullivan kept pace with Lee and his agility for what amounted to a ten-minute sprint. It was like watching football linemen. This may be the opportunity Lars must go like this for a while if he is directed toward squashes on SmackDown and Raw. And you must see what type of altitude Sullivan can get the size when he hits his finisher of Keith.


So, yes, I was amazed the comparative”new man” did the job clean for the departing”veteran”. But it was worthwhile. And while Lars hasn’t been a winner in NXT, he has been a staple of the surface of the card for some time. While obtaining the albatross taking a loss is fine.


* Although we can get it relatively soon when they get around to performing Lee vs. Dijakovic… this roster is ridiculous.


Still not a series I would tell anyone more fun than the last few weeks, although they must create time for. Any developments that are narrative will be replayed to come. If you are to the”minor league” facet of NXT, this is probably up your alley. It is an interesting look at various sorts of prospects at various points in their evolution.

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