WWE Raw results, recaps, reactions (Nov. 26, 2018): Worst Ever In 2018

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The All Result Of Raw 26,11,2018.


Who are you supposed to root for, people? Brock Lesnar gets the belt and he is off faffing around in the wilderness somewhere. Roman Reigns has leukemia. Seth Rollins is off on an island. Who’s left?



  • Elias? Oh sorry. Elias got beaten up in a 3.


  • Finn Balor? Oh, I am sorry. Balor got beaten up in a 3.


Sasha Banks? Ah, I must apologize. She is off in a tag team fighting with the freaking people for six months. The same could be said for Bayley.


Ronda Rousey? Oh, you mean that woman who is kind of neat but retains wearing weird makeup and engaging in sections where she’s out looking horrible.


Is god I hope you, and Braun Strowman. Otherwise, you are out of luck.


Y’all, I don’t know what to say at this time. I think that will be a trend of the review. This series started with Elias getting beaten up by Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre and finished with Finn Balor getting beaten up by Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre. And I don’t get it.


I guess the purpose is to construct that vague and immeasurable source in wrestling which we call”heat,” but all you are building is aversion with this crap. You are building frustration. You are building.


I am so tired of rooting for guys and girls who have not a prayer of doing anything meaningful on the series. And I do not even know what else to say.


An open challenge is held by rollins


You know what is awesome about the WWE that is contemporary? However badly storylines are going, provided that you have an exciting winner who will hold open challenges, it is pretty easy to entertain a crowd. All it requires is a surprise. Who would it be? For Seth Rollins’ Intercontinental Championship, who would struggle after a hiatus? Can it be a Lars Sullivan? Oooh! What about a Bray Wyatt?!


. .lol nevermind. It is Dolph Ziggler.


Look, that is harsh and I am just kidding. I think it’s reasonable to indicate how unoriginal this matchup is, but I really need to spotlight Dolph Ziggler as the best aspect of this show. Do you understand why?

He is an heel. He did what heels are supposed to do and put on a game . Nowadays not that you would know that.


  • Shout out to you. You were not what I hoped for, but it crushed and gave us a reason to cheer. Kudos.


Literally the segment


This show’s Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey section was so bad that I had to pause the show and leave the room.


  • This was my point with this particular show. I had had my fill of wrestling for a single.


Like. . .how do I describe this? Perhaps you have seen a comic bomb than the promo of Nia Jax. And its substance was fine, I guess. She argued while Jax herself has been on fire recently, that Ronda Rousey’s facing hard times.


But who cares? She gloated about it all as the audience sat and flaunted around. When she yapped about hurting Becky Lynch, is. If all you have is really hurting another wrestler…


And it was Rose’s turn, and her speaking segment was better. Fortunately she got by demanding a game and firing up, although her lines did not make a lick of sense.


And Jay stated she was stalling for time when Tina was in the ring with her the whole time. And Natalya shows up if Rose could not handle herself. And THEN the Right Squad pulled a hit and run the audience had nothing to cheer.


  • Yeah, so if the rest of this review is caustic, blame this section.


The Rest


  • Dean Ambrose gets vaccinated – . He sees Rollins as a walking germ.


  • I do not even know what to say. I guess it is kind of amusing? However, like…I dunno man.


Lucha House Party def. The Revival — I do not even know how to explain this, let alone if I enjoy it or not. The LHP are currently beating the Revival and have their game stipulation. It is not amusing to me, although I guess the purpose would be to stick it to the dudes that are conservative.


Roode’s robe was pissed on by drake Maverick .


Ember Moon def. Alicia Fox — Curt Hawkins was at ringside. And Hawkins and Moons danced with No Way Jose after. Yeah.


Under Mahal def. Jose — lol


Alexa Bliss retains a questionnaire . Bliss tried to do what Corbin’s performed by fielding some buddies, but the women’s branch does not have a McIntyre or Ashley to help her out.


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