WWE SmackDown Live results (Nov. 27, 2018): AJ Styles, Becky Lynch return in SmackDown Live

WWE SmackDown Live comes waltzing back to our lives tonight (Nov. 27, 2018) in the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming TLC pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for next month in San Jose.


Advertised for tonight: AJ Styles is back to address Becky Lynch returns Daniel Bryan, and much more!


Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET if the SmackDown live website kicks off once the series starts on USA. It’ll be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



I gotta get back to who I was before my ten years on autopilot. It’s the mask that often starts to eat into your face, so wear it gently. I gotta get back to who I was before my last ten years on autopilot. So tell me again how my life should have been, before I gave in before I had been spineless. Because everybody thinks it is classic… Well time’s running out. Is livebloggging this here pro wrestling show for you.


The show opens with Paige from the ring.


She introduces SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and welcomes us to the series.


Becky makes her entrance and gets when you’re the hottest thing in the industry saying, any time away is too much time away. She attacked Raw, bled, foughtand won before showing the next night to fight and at Survivor Series to fight, but she was stopped and they tried to hold her back, but no mo’, baby girl, and the Man is putting herself back in the game.


  • At Survivor Series she had to watch someone step and fight Ronda Rousey, and she wants to get this out of the way so that she predicts out Charlotte Flair.


Flair obliges and makes her entry, at which point Becky says she advised Ronda to be given the beating she would have by her, although if it had been her, Ronnie wouldn’t have been standing and she came close. She says it took Charlotte channelling her to take it into the Spartan Women’s Champion, and Flair says she was not trying to be her, she was just being herself, Charlotte Flair, the seven-time women’s champion and the only girl on each roster capable of committing Rousey the beating she deserves.


Charlotte says she superior and has the mindset to do anything to get the job done, too! Becky says she simply went out of copying her old man to replicate the guy and she’s a bootleg Becky attempting to take what’s hers and she is not having it, even though she is glad she beat the phoniness from her. Flair says Nia Jax must have hit her harder than she thought, because she went to delusional, and Lynch is the 1 copying Ric.


Flair calls Ronda out and says she will be at TLC and she was born prepared before addressing Becky again, saying she fought for herself and she will fight her again… right now! They jaw at each other and Paige gets between them and orders them to shut up. She hasn’t seen any girl with this roster with this degree of desire and enjoys this side of Charlotte, so she’s giving her her rematch against Becky.


That is not all, due to their history it is going to be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match! They jaw some more–


Input Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Zelina Vega, and the Iconic Duo, led by Rose. She states this is insulting, that Paige would say no one has shown that the desire that Charlotte has. Everybody’s talking about what she did to Ronda, but any one of these could have done the exact same thing. And any one of them deserves a name match, they just don’t get the time of day.

SmackDown Full Show

Paige left Absolution and now all she does is give opportunities to her previous PCB teammates. Why?


Enter Naomi, Carmella, Asuka, and Lana. Naomi asks everybody to hold up so that she can put some glow inside and surprisingly, they agree with what Mandy was saying and she KNOWS Paige isn’t questioning her desire. The SmackDown roster is full of talent and any one of them can be champ, to which Becky says she’ll knock the head off these dopes.


  • Paige is into it and says every woman on the roster will be in a battle royal, the winner of which will be added to the TLC match!


  • The Usos are walking and welcome us into the Uso Penitentiary, ahead of their game against the Bar that’s up next, and we get a hype reel for Mixed Match Challenge to send us to the break.


  • Back from commercial, we get a video of Cesaro chewing Big Show out sooner for not helping them win last week, and eventually he has sufficient and hauls off… WMD!


SmackDown Live 2018

The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso)

Sheamus and Jimmy to start, shoulder block, drop down, uppercuts, tag to Jey, leaping forearm, off the ropes for a dropkick but it’s only good for one! Arm wringer, right hand, tag to Cesaro, right hands in the corner, Uso fires back, tag to Jimmy. Off the top with a double axhandle, Cesaro gets him in the ropes and referee Mike Chioda forces the break.


Sheamus with a cheap shot, tag in, double lariat and the Bar taunt as we go to break.


Back from commercial, Sheamus is in control on Jimmy and tags Cesaro to get a double-team suplex that nearly ends it then and there. Speedy tag back into the Celtic Warrior, a knee gets another close nearfall, Jimmy fighting back in the corner, big right hands, back body drop Sheamus into the floor! Cesaro throws his partner back indoors, tags made on both sides!


Jet with large lariats, Roman Reigns tribute in the slicing right along with the Samoan drop! Call and answer, charging in, colors of Rikishi for 2! Blind label from Sheamus, Jey with an enzuigiri on Cesaro that sends him to the ground, Uso lines him up, off the ropes… SWISS DEATH CUTS THE DIVE OFF! Celtic Warrior brings him in, big knee, up high… BOMBS AWAY KNEE DROP BUT JEY AIN’T GOING DOWN LIKE THAT!


Up top again, nobody home on the diving lariat, Jey puts him to the post, superkick for Cesaro, another for Sheamus… NOPE! Tag to Jimmy, both Usos head up top but Cesaro takes one out with Swiss Death, Sheamus with the knees up… JIM KICKS OUT! Mounted punches, dragging Jimmy to his toes, tag to Cesaro, trying to find the spike White Noise but Jey makes the rescue, Jimmy with a schoolboy… STILL NO!


  • Jimmy at the corner, blind tag, kicks for Cesaro when he charges in, superkick…


The Usos win by pinfall with a diving splash on Cesaro.


Backstage the New Day are laughing and watching something on Xavier Woods’ telephone when Miz asks what they are watching. They say it’s his greatest work, to which Miz believes they are referring to the Marine 6: Close Quarters, however they were watching his match last week and ask which one beat him, leading to extended rhymes including Woods singing a little Slow Chemical.


The A-Lister says they were battling through injuries incurred at Survivor Series. Kofi Kingston asks if he means the identical show where they were the only team that won for SmackDown. Miz says that doesn’t count and he could beat any of them in his capacity as 2/3s best in the world. In fact he’s going to his bestie Shane McMahon right now to set up a match.


Xavier asks what is wrong with him, to which Big E launches into an impassioned defense of Miz’s character from the Marine, to the shock and horror of another New Day men.


Commentary hypes our women’s battle royal and Jeff Hardy’s 20 year anniversary.


We cut backstage where AJ Styles is looking rather emo (is he going to join Aces & Eights?!) When a crew member rolls up to tell him it is time.


Back from commercial, AJ Styles makes his entrance.


He lets the audience chant a moment before beginning. For 14 days he has been without the WWE Championship, and those 14 days seemed a lot longer than the 371 days he did have the name. Nobody likes to lose, and he hates losing, but it is the way he lost that disturbs him. At this point we roll footage of him losing the name.


He continues, saying he knows he had a target on his back, but who’d have thought that goal would have moved somewhere else? But he gets it, he has wanted something that badly before. No, what bothers him is the part later where Bryan kicked him in the head over and over again to the point where he wasn’t medically cleared for Survivor Series or last week’s SmackDown.


He watched Dan tried to explain his activities from home, at which point we get a replay of parts of Bryan’s promo . AJ says that sounds to him, he does not care which Daniel Bryan it is, he’s got the exact same face he’s looking forward to beating in. Hell he’ll do it right here, right now. (Because THAT going so well for you last time, Mr. Styles.)


But Bryan is not here, and he was not on the live events last week either, and he thinks Dan’s been watching Raw and getting ideas as to how things work over there, but that is the House That AJ Styles Built, and for 371 days that he never missed a live event, a pay-per-view, or SmackDown, since he was the champ and this is where he belongs!


So when he rolls out of his hyperbaric chamber, he desires Bryan to make sure he’s at TLC, with his fantasies, his explanations, and the WWE Championship, because that belongs to the Phenomenal AJ Styles!


  • Commentary hypes Jeff Hardy’s anniversary up and we go to break.


Back from commercial, comment hypes up free agent Lars Sullivan and we get an video package.


Shinsuke Nakamura and Rose make their entrances for a game but Nakamura blindsides Rose and takes him out before the bell can ring! He is backed by referees off the ramp up but he charges in for a Kinshasa!


Commentary hypes Jeff Hardy’s anniversary again up and we go to break.


Back from commercial, pictures of Jeff Hardy are set up in the ring, the roster is on the stage, and Michael Cole is in the ring to play with master of ceremonies.


Cole gives him a big debut and starts in about Hardy’s 20th anniversary.


Jeff makes his entrance and we get a video package where he narrates his livelihood. He says he does not know what to say to thank us all. Watching his moments he can’t believe he wonders what is wrong with him and he did half that stuff. This business has given a creative outlet to him and his facepaint is far better than it was.


He feels free to be the Charismatic Enigma and that is cool. Throughout the lowest of lows and the highest of highs, every one of us has stuck by his side and for that he grateful. He thanks his wife and his daughters for making this night possible and states this is far from a retirement speech. He wants to find out together, although he doesn’t know what happens later on, and he thanks us


Enter Samoa Joe. He congratulates Jeff on 20 decades and begs forgiveness for his lateness because he was preparing to propose a toast but accomplished using a bottle of champagne around him maybe is not the best idea. Shane McMahon proceeds to hold him back but Hardy wants Joe to come through and say his peace. Samoa puts the movie bundle over and says it must have been a treat for Jeff since he was not coherent enough at the time to remember any of it.


Joe doesn’t celebrate weakness nor believe in second chances, particularly if guys like him haven’t got their first. Hardy does the “Delete!” Gesture and Samoa continues, saying what bugs him is Jeff’s mistakes despite all he allows himself to be put on a pedestal. That makes him sick for as many times as he got us out of our seat, there’s an equal and opposite time.


People like Hardy never change, and the demons are constantly waiting to take control, so the next time he feels helpless, know that Joe offers a hand in friendship, a straightforward one-step program, swift but definitely not painless. Jeff says no matter what he says he can’t rain on his parade and he has walked a tightrope for twenty years and he lives for the moment, so what say they make one right now!


  • Samoa sets the mic down before deciding he wants no part of Jeff’s challenge, walking out.


  • Commentary hypes up Kofi Kingston vs. the Miz for after the break.


  • Back from commercial we get a WWE Shop ad featuring Naomi and the Usos.


Kofi Kingston vs. the Miz

Mix with a wristlock, Kingston reverses, big splash for a nearfall, side headlock, the A-Lister backs him into the corner and referee Danilo Anfibio calls for the rest. Liz grabs it back, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, leapfrog, leapfrog, flying back elbow and a clothesline to the floor! Off the ropes, fakeout dip once the A-Lister backs off and Big E has some pelvic thrust action in.


With the distraction, Kofi wipes Miz out with a dip and we go to break.


Back from commercial, Miz is up top with Kofi in his sights… AND GETS CUT OUT OF MID-AIR WITH A DROPKICK! Another dropkickoff the ropes, leaping lariat, off the ropes again, Boom Drop! Trouble in Paradise reversed, figure four blocked, Skull-Crushing Finale reversed! Backbreaker connects, neckbreaker blocked, SOS… NOPE!


Miz hits his beautiful basement DDT, another nearfall, Miz takes the turnbuckle pad off and goes to put Kingston into it but E gets on the apron with a small number of pancakes to block! Kofi with a cover, a series of kicks, Liz takes a musical Xavier Woods out using a slingshot dropkick and gets a chair from the timekeeper’s area only for Woods to take it away! He turns around…


  • Kofi Kingston wins with Trouble in Paradise by pinfall.


  • Commentary hypes our women’s battle imperial.


  • We go backstage with Randy Orton, staring at the camera creepy. He’ll address his assault on Rey Mysterio after the break.


  • Back from commercial, Randy Orton makes his entrance and we get a replay of his attack on Rey Mysterio a week.


He says people have called his actions disturbing but when he had to select a word, he would choose euphoric. He never really understood what the big deal about the piece of crap he ripped from Rey’s face, and what he did was not intended to disrespect his civilization, but to embarrass and humiliate him, take him off the pedestal we have put him upon.


What he did was prove to us that at this stage in his career, all Mysterio is is another victim of the three most letters in sports entertainment, R–


Enter Rey Mysterio! He’s wearing a neck brace and has a bit of a limp in his step but he is headed for the ring! Randy slides out and Rey and he meet with punches and kicks! The Viper gets off a knee and throws him to the barricades on either side of the entry! Tearing at the mask, he yanks the brace off and asks Mysterio how that feels before throwing him in the ring.


Referees swarm ringside but Rey ain’t down yet, kicking away as Orton tried to get back in the ring… 619! Slide under a lariat, leg-feed enzuigiri, on the next… another 619! Mysterio heads to the timekeeper’s area and grabs a chair but Randy cuts him off with a kick and hits the hanging DDT! To the outside, he braces Rey’s neck using a chair… AND SMASHES HIM INTO THE STEPS!


Road agents Jamie Noble and five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce have joined the fray by this point and figure out how to pull Randy from Rey as we go to break.


Back from commercial, Shane McMahon is hanging out with his prize when Miz rolls up to ask where he was.


Shane says that he was right here and Miz says he can’t will this group into existence by himself, he just wants McMahon to meet him 1/3 of the way in. He could have beat Kofi if he had his partner on hand, to which Shane says they’re not a team. The A-Lister insists the prize is their kid and he knows for a fact that makes them household, so start acting like it, and that they parents!


He shoves their kid into Shane’s arms and storms off.


Asuka vs. Billie Kay vs. Carmella vs. Lana vs. Mandy Rose vs. Naomi vs. Peyton Royce vs. Sonya Deville vs. Zelina Vega (SmackDown Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal)

Chaos to start, lotta punch-kick, Deville dumps Lana under the bottom, where she pulls on Vega to the floor! Zelina yanks her to the floor in return but she’s still inside as we go to break.


Back from commercial, Rose and Deville are working together to try and dummp Asuka but Naomi makes the save. Lana goes to ditch Kay, Royce with the rescue, the Iconics eliminate her and work over the Ravishing Russian! Ask lines them up and they square off. Asuka ducks a lariat, hip toss knee, strikes, she dumps Bille into the apron and staggers her with an uraken but she won’t fall!


Same for Peyton, off the ropes… Asuka eliminates both with a running hip attack! Asuka on Carmella, she ducks a lariat but Mella nails her with a superkick! Into the corner, Asuka back body drops her to the apron, forearms, punches, Carmella screams in defense and the Empress of Tomorrow takes a moment to collect herself before removing her with a roundhouse kick!


Mandy and Sonya attack Asuka, Naomi with the save but Deville whips Asuka to Rose’s wicked knee! Going to dump her, Naomi again with the rescue, right hands for Mandy, hammering away, whip across… REAR VIEW! Duck a lariat roundhouse kick for Deville! Headscissors driver blocked, Rose hosses Naomi up, dumps her into the apron but Naomi cubes, jockeying for position, divides the apron, Naomi puts her into the post and Mandy drops to elimination!


Sonya squares up with Asuka and knocks on Naomi! Circling, trading leg kicks, some slick evasions and Deville gets a double leg before taking Asuka to the apron! Interference is run by mandy, Asuka nails her with the charge of sidesteps Sonya, a knee, kick combo takes out her! Drawing on Deville up, searching to the ground for the suplex!


  • Sonya blocks, lands firm on the apron, trading forearms and kicks and both are staggered but still inside! Deville charges in, hip toss in the knee…


  • Asuka wins, last eliminating Sonya Deville to gain entrance into the Championship match of the SmackDown Women at TLC.


  • Asia celebrates while Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch look on in the comment desk.

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