WWE SmackDown Live results, recap, reactions (Nov. 27, 2018)

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WWE SmackDown  Full Match Nov. 27, 2018


I haven’t made a habit since I started reviewing Raw of watching SmackDown. It’s just…a lot of wrestling, you understand? So ten minutes into SmackDown, two things struck me.

Firstly, there is a General Manager that is competent babyface like manna from the skies. Oh my goodness Paige, I’ve needed you for such a long time. Secondly? I have not heard someone on Raw get the response in some time of Becky Lynch.

Lynch talked about how annoying it was to observe someone step in to her shadow — and I loved that phrase, incidentally — to fight with Ronda Rousey within her stead. And that of course brought out the woman in question: Charlotte Flair.

I’m down for a return of this Genetically Superior Charlotte. I have been a massive fan of that mindset because her NXT days and it presents a great foil to the Lynch that is man-made. Both exchanged brutal barbs for a minute as Paige.

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And back to Paige for another; she had been the fulcrum of the narrative. Since her enthusiasm and drive to match Becky are obvious paige provided a title match to Charlotte. This time however? TLC match. Let’s get mad.

The rest of the locker room took issue allowing Charlotte cut to the front of the line. Their grievances aired and get this: Paige listened to the gift and gave them an opportunity to prove her wrong! I know! I can not believe it!

A battle royal was reserved by paige in the main event in which the winner could join the TLC match. And for a little while, I had been convinced that it could be Mandy Rose. She has been talked up a lot and was obviously a focus of the opening segment.

But no, how can you pass up Asuka when she receives the response? This is SmackDown best and I am already convinced this game needs to main event TLC.

To be honest, there is the rest of the division and a massive gap between these three names. WWE should probably work on this. But together with the Royal Rumble two weeks off, I can’t be overly critical.


Straight Edge Joe


My oh my, how history repeats itself.

Jeff Hardy got an awesome tribute celebrating 20 years of death-defying moments and general craziness. A Tuesday or since the Hardy boys likely call it.

And it was awesome! The production crew rocks with these sorts of the audience along with videos was engaged. As Jeff fully undersold his experience I saw having a soul.

. . .But then? Joe.

The party was crashed by samoa Joe and I swear that he’s the most barbarous male wrestler in WWE with a microphone in his hands. Instead of celebrating Jeff’s capacity to overcome his issues and find happiness and success, Joe derided the guy because of mocked Hardy and his vices because of his failures.


“Folks like you can’t ever alter,” Joe? Geez!

And naturally, he’s talking about the background of Jeff with alcohol and drugs. We’ve also heard every point that Joe made before out of a certain Straight Edged Savior. That version of CM Punk and this version of Samoa Joe are totally different however; while Punk was delusional and perhaps even terrified of that which Hardy stood for, Joe’s only an average ol’ dude who laughs at anybody to be”weak.”


My oh my, if it is not effective. I hope the matches here deliver.

The Rest

The Usos def. The Bar — The Big Show turned and that is my face. It was only your tag match opening affair, although the match was entertaining.

None isn’t wanted by daniel Bryan — I actually dug AJ Styles’ promo tonight. He said that he understands Bryan doing something villainous to win. He can relate to this. But stomping on his face after the game? Designs were pissed by that off, and the explanation of Bryan did not help.

I love shots were taken by Styles by the way, at Brock Lesnar. Bryan skipped out on his responsibilities,”taking pointers” from and anyone who takes shots at Raw nowadays is a fantastic man in my book. But that irks AJ because he made a point of dates, of always being at displays. It disgusts him to lose to a guy who’s behaving like Bryan’s acting.


I enjoy how simple this was. I also love how nicely AJ Styles displays disgust. He’s really great at that.


Shane McMahon’s and the Miz love child — The Miz is currently murdering it. After picking a fight with the New Day — and losing — he confronted Shane why he wasn’t any help to ask. I could not help but giggle if Miz pushed at that Finest on the planet trophy.

Nakamura ambushes Rusev — Ok, this isn’t it. This type of stuff needs to be nipped in the bud if Paige is assumed to be a babyface GM. And honestly? Nakamura and Rose are great for this sort of stuff. I really don’t think this type of stuff really engages the crowd.

The. . .Colleague Killer? – Not certain how I really feel about Randy Orton at the moment. Is he going through a mid-life crisis? Trying to reclaim? Orton’s eerie to be certain, but I don’t think there’s enough substance here to get for.

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